Jesus the Savior-King

It is interesting to think about what Mary and Joseph were told about this child Jesus that would be born.  Mary is told that this Jesus would be:

(1) great and will be called the Son of the Most High – Jesus will be the ultimate fulfillment of being a son of God.  He will actually be closer to God than any human being ever could be, since we learn later, He is part of the Trinity (God Himself).

(2) He will sit on the throne of David – Jesus will be King in Israel, coming from the line of David.

(3) He will reign over the house of Jacob forever and His kingdom will have no end – God promised David that one of his descendants would always rule in Israel, at the moment that Mary is hearing these words, God’s promise is not being fulfilled.  The angel tells Mary that this child Jesus will reign as King in Israel forever.

(4) The holy child will be called the Son of God – Again, Jesus will have that close relationship with God.  In the O.T. the king of Israel was a son of God because of a close relationship with God and that he represented God’s priorities on Earth.  What an unbelievable thought, Jesus is these things, but moreso!

Joseph is told some interesting things also, but not with the same detail as Mary received.  The angel told Joseph:

(1) Jesus is conceived by the Holy Spirit – This is something that has never happened before, nor will ever happen again.  Jesus’ father is, God.  As a result of this truth, He has no inherited sin and is obviously unique.

(2) Jesus will save His people from their sins – Jesus is being born to save Israel from their sins, and ultimately all Jews and Gentiles who put their trust in Him for forgiveness of sins.  This is quite an incredible bit of information that Joseph receives, Joseph is one of “His people.”  Jesus would save Joseph from his sins.

Jesus arrived on earth to be the Savior-King of the nation of Israel, and ultimately of the world. 

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