Jesus, how great You are

In preparing for a message this week I was struck by the unbelievable magnificence of Christ.  Colossians 1:13-23 gives us 14 reasons to believe that Jesus is incredible.  Here they are:

1) Jesus redeemed us – forgiveness of sins

2) Jesus is God in the flesh

3) Jesus is the firstborn of all creaton – He has priority, preeminence, and sovereignty

4) Jesus created all things

5) Jesus has existed forever – He has no beginning and no end

6) Jesus keeps everything functioning properly in creation

7) Jesus is the leader of the Church

8) Jesus is the beginning of the new creation

9) Jesus was the first to rise from the dead with a resurrection body

 10) Jesus is in charge of everything

11) Jesus is God in all power and attributes

12) Jesus has made peace between God the Father and all people who have received Jesus as Savior and all people who have received Jesus as Savior and Leader of their lives, this was accomplished through His death and resurrection

13) All believers were separated from God because of sin but through faith in Jesus’ death and resurrection, all believers will stand before God pure, innocent, and beyond accusation

14) Every person who puts their trust in the death and resurrection of Jesus will be pure, innocent, and bedyon accuasation – trusting in the truth of the gospel message 

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