God dependency

I have found lately that I am completely and totally ineffective without the enablement of God. It is interesting that in training Christ followers for ministry we spend most of our time on the “tools” or the “tricks of the trade” and very little time on humble surrender and dependency upon God to work. Now that I think about it, I guess it really shouldn’t surprise me. If we don’t spend time crying out to God for Him to speak and to work, then everything that is done “in the name of God”, we can take credit for. So be extension, when there no are no lasting and significant spiritual results, we can’t blame God. We didn’t invite Him to be involved, so we can’t be bothered that He didn’t do anything! I guess the reason for sharing this is that I have found myself drained with little spiritual results to show for it, I have had to confess my pride and foolishness to God as sin and ask Him to forgive me. What a tragedy, to go throughout life as a Christ follower accomplishing only what we ourselves can do. Living the Christian life like that will bring absolutely nothing but exhaustion and depression.
Maybe in our preaching, as we give invitations to people that are not yet believers, asking them to accept Jesus as Lord and Savior, maybe we should begin speaking to ourselves and other Christ followers to submit to Jesus as Lord, and get off the throne ourselves. We really aren’t as talented as we think we are. God is extraordinarily amazing and powerful. We on the other hand, are not. God forgive us for not being totally dependent upon You for everything. May He forgive us for our independence.


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