The neglect of prayer

It is really fascinating how little Christians truly pray today. Apparently we think that there is not much need for it. Really, who needs to depend on God? We have all the food we need, our church has lights, heat, padded seats, what else is there? One of those little details we left out is the power of God being present in our lives and in our churches. I guess since things seem to be going ok, it isn’t a big deal that He is one of those not in attendance.
Do we really notice a problem here? For those churches that are still involved in evangelism, how often are we crying out to God to work and change people’s lives? Many might be thinking, “Oh, is that necessary?” This shows how far we have gotten from the essence of being a Christ follower. We really can’t do anything of spiritual worth on our own. We were not meant to, otherwise we wouldn’t need God! Maybe we need to get away from thinking that we have all the right tools for ministry, and start asking God for help without ceasing. If He doesn’t move, if He doesn’t work – we have accomplished nothing!!!!


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