Preaching Christ

I was reminded in Chapel yesterday of the necessity of the gospel as the foundation for all of our preaching and teaching in the local church. The speaker was coming from the context of using the gospel in all of youth ministry. He mentioned that he thinks that one of the major reasons (not the only reason) that young people are leaving the church after they graduate from highschool, is that youth groups aren’t preaching the gospel and making the gospel central in all of their teaching. If you are in the O.T. or N.T., he encouraged, “don’t just give moral lessons, teach the text and then bring it forward to the gospel.” He was by no means speaking of reading Christ back into the O.T., but was very accurately saying that if we are “Bible trivia experts” or “moral people” without an authentic relationship with God the Father through Jesus Christ (the gospel), their attraction/connection with the church is not Christ, it is something else. That is a major reason why they are leaving, many aren’t born again. We must go back to the foundation of the gospel. Paul said that if anyone else tries to lay any foundation other than that which is already laid, Christ, then he/she is going to be in trouble. Unless we change our ways, we are in trouble!


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