Seeker Small Groups by Garry Poole

Seeker Small Groups
Garry Poole has provided an incredible resource in this book. He has given the church an instruction manual on how to reach out to those who are curious about spiritual issues. I have been burdened with how to do an investigative Bible study in my neighborhood and did not quite know how to go about it. God obviously is in control because He has brought this resource to help me do just that.
After reading what Poole wrote in this book I would have a hard time believing that anyone would not be incredibly motivated to attempt to launch a seeker small group. He speaks from an incredible wealth of personal experience in leading seeker small groups and training people to lead the same. There were some very important principles that he shared that would be beneficial to anyone. The tips that Poole gave in regard to interacting with people about spiritual issues was incredible. In this book he gives you instruction on basic skills of building relationships with others that are far from God, how to love them, and how to gently guide them toward faith in Jesus Christ.
I also appreciated how the author included ideas of how to conduct the first meeting of a seeker small group. Since for most people this is a new idea, it was very helpful to have a picture painted of how to conduct an effective first meeting. Poole admits that he has learned this strategies over the years and that is helpful to hear. This really puts you at ease to realize that it is a process that you can be involved in and you don’t have to do it perfect the very first time. The admission that it is not really about how much you know, but about the love that you show towards those in your group will be very reassuring to people launching a group. The tips on how to invite others, and how to lead meetings was excellent. Poole has a real ability when it comes to explaining things in a simple and non-threatening way. His inclusion of the chapter on how to encourage greater evangelistic effectiveness in believer small groups was also very beneficial. This is something that is much needed also. It only makes sense that if your believers are not encouraged to be building relationships with non-believers there will not be as many candidates for seeker small groups.
In relation to how I will implement this personally I have great excitement and anticipation. As I mentioned earlier I have really been desiring to know how to do something like this in my neighborhood. I even watched a video that Dr. Austin had on leading an investigative Bible study (which was helpful, but not exactly what I was looking for). This book has really gotten my creative juices flowing about the potential of this kind of seeker small group here where I am. I am already thinking about people that I could invite. I really agree with Poole’s suggestion of having an apprentice, which I have not quite figured out yet who that will be for me. In praying about this, I have decided to keep this somewhat of a “side-venture” when it comes to church ministry. I am hoping that (with God’s help) this will go well and that there are some people who come to know Christ, and I am able to disciple them so that they are “strong” enough to come to into the church and not flee. After this time I would like to try to make it more a part of the church’s ministry of outreach to the community.

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