Just Walk Across the Room by Bill Hybels

Just Walk Across the Room
This book is absolutely incredible. Whenever Hybels writes something, if I have not read it, I plan to do so. This book is no exception. Hybels’ passion for the church and evangelism are nothing short of contagious (not a deliberate pun – in regard to Willow’s curriculum). As the author shares his wealth of personal experience, building bridges with people who are non-believers you gain an even deeper insight into the authenticity with which he speaks. He really does this stuff. He really walks across the room as the Spirit prompts him. So often it seems that we allow fear to quench the Holy Spirit’s direction to walk across the room to speak with someone. This is a call to follow the leading of the Spirit.
Hybels has a very down-to-earth way of writing. Though he is a pastor I think that just about anyone can sit down to read one of his books and gain a wealth of insight in how to live life passionately for God. He writes a great piece of encouragement to Christians to be friendly, authentic, and available to people who do not have a relationship with God through Christ. His repeated statements and inferences to the fact that people are precious to God are very well-stated. He casts an incredible vision for people reading the book to become more sensitive to what God is doing in this world and more accustomed to the fact that God wants to use them to do His work.
He gives biblical examples of Jesus and how He reached out to people who were around Him. Hybels points out how Jesus left heaven to come to earth to purchase the souls of people, and reunite them with God. He also gives incredible real life examples of how he has followed the leading of God to speak with different people. At times the examples deal with on-going relationships with people, loving them, and leading them to Christ. Other examples deal with one-time situations where Hybels says what God opens the doors for him to say, and nothing more. It is as though the author gives you permission to go no further than God allows. This is a comforting idea for some, I am sure.
When it comes to how I will implement this wealth of information on my own life, I would have to say, where do I start? After coming across this resource at the beginning of this year, God began to really open my eyes to the opportunities He was bringing right in front of my eyes. I had opportunities to lead people to Christ, and pray with people to be restored to fellowship with Christ (this all occurred during Personal Evangelism class). I began to be more sensitive to what God was saying to me as I carried out my daily life. I also began to feel less like a failure when the opportunities did not lead to a profession of faith, or a complete presentation of the gospel. God revealed to me through this resource the need to trust Him more, and play the part He has called me to play in each situation.
When it comes to how I will use this in church, I have already purchased the video curriculum for small groups. I have begun to view it with my deacons. In the very first meeting this past Sunday when I asked the guys what they thought the head deacon said, “We have got to show this to other people ” He saw the need and the results of God’s people walking across rooms to build relationships with people. This “small group” of deacons seems to be very excited about finishing the rest of the sessions and applying it to their lives. After I finish with the deacons I am going to begin working through the church with groups of 5-10 people viewing the sessions and pray for God’s hand to be involved in the process. I am hoping that with God’s help by the end of this the church will be much more sensitive and willing to be used by God to become a part of people’s lives for the purpose of seeing them come to Christ.


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