Dealing with Death

It is interesting that I have written two posts now on the topic of “death.” I really am not a morbid person. Recently I have been involved in a memorial service for a man from my church and I just returned from visiting a man who has terminal cancer. It becomes extremely complicated when you care about a person significantly, who is also dying. We spend most of our beginning years thinking that death will never happen to us, and then we spend our latter years obsessing about it. Death is so hard because of a couple of reasons – one, it takes away people we care about; two, deep down we know that it wasn’t supposed to be this way. Most people have come to accept the reality of death – but we know that something is not right about it. Death is an enemy, it is the result of sin. It was not in God’s plan or desire for there to be death. Sin which results in death separates us from God, death separates our spirit from our body. There is a whole lot of separation involved – but it is not good, nor was it supposed to be a “natural” part of life (contrary to what most philosophers say – I have read the Book, and it says differently!).
One of the only things that can help us to “deal” with death is to see it for what it is, something that God is rectifying through Jesus Christ His Son. He is in the process of making all things new. If you have put your trust in Jesus Christ for forgiveness of sins – remember, death is not the end!


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