Stress Management

I was thinking this morning as I was having a bout of frustration about how I deal with the stress of leadership. When you deal with life under a microscope things can get overwhelming. It is interesting to note that those who most often place you as a leader under the microscope are the least likely to place their own life under a microscope, just someone else’s. Though, if you are a leader you are not facing something new under the sun, being under the microscope. Almost every servant of God in the Bible was under someone’s microscope. Moses faced the microscope of just about everyone. He endured conflict with a miserably difficult group of people, and family conflict over his leadership gifts. His siblings thought they could do his job, it can’t be that hard (boy, were they wrong).
Something that came to me today, the point of this entry was, don’t take the frustration out on your family – it isn’t them that is putting you under the microscope – go to the source, approach those who are dissecting you and ask for the reason. Ask if you are teaching incorrect doctrine, or doing something anti-biblical. Most times the answer will be no, and your family will be spared the nonsense.


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