Accountability for overseers/pastors

I just finished reading an old edition of Christianity Today which had an article about a large Christian organization which is having a great deal of issues as a result of sin not being dealt with in a biblical way.  This is a sad reality. 

In my experience (which in the grand scheme of things, is limited) I find the opposite of what was talked about in this story.  In the story it talks about the sr. pastor being accountable only to God, and that basically (in my own words) no one can tell him no, except God (of course).  In my experience people in local churches do their best to keep a pastor from doing any form of leading, especially not in any kind of direct way.  Most often leadership that is allowed is when a pastor says some indirect thing (almost a parable) that somehow miraculously the Spirit of God uses to cause an unwilling group of people to do what the pastor was intending for them to do.  I find more people crying out that a pastor should not “lord it over” the people by being a dictator.  I am sure there are cases when men have overstepped their bounds and have used their position as undershepherd to “lord it over” people.  But, I find so many more cases where a group of people does not show respect toward, nor submit to the spiritual authority of the man/men who are called to lead them.

This is a sad state of affairs on both sides.  God help us, please!


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