A line from an Andrew Peterson song that I was listening to today:

“My God, my God, why hast Thou accepted me?  It’s a mystery of mercy and a song, a song I sing.”

 Have you recently took time to really think about God the Father accepting you through Jesus Christ’s death and resurrection?  If we did (which I don’t very much) I would imagine that we would be asking the very same question, my God, my God why has Thou accepted me?  When we have an accurate view of who we are, and our lack of worthiness to be accepted by God, grace means so much more.  It seems that grace doesn’t mean all that much to most of us who claim to be Christ followers because we think that we are much more worthy than we really are.  We think that it wasn’t that much of a stretch for God to bestow forgiveness on us (that is if one accepts the necessity of forgiveness from God), we really weren’t that bad.  In fact it appears that at times Christ followers act as though God got a bargain when we entered a relationship with Him through Jesus Christ. 

My God, my God…

Why hast Thou accepted me????

The theological answer for how it is that we are accepted is much easier than the motivating reason for why we are accepted.  Think about that today as a Christ follower.  Then worship God for His grace, and who He is.


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