I was watching the morning news on television today, and I caught a story about a college professor who has terminal cancer.  It was a moving story of a man who is married and has small children.  The story said that he will die in about 4 or 5 months.  This is a sad thing that is happening to this man and his family.  The interview with this man was preceded by a clip of his last classroom lecture in which he said that he is not afraid of death, he has not had a religious conversion, and he does not want sadness/pity on his behalf.  He says that we are all dealt a hand of cards, and your life all depends on how you play the cards your dealt (interesting metaphor – since life is much more important than a card game). 

Anyway, my point for mentioning this is that during his live interview he said that, “death is a natural part of life…Everyone will die.”  This is something that I have thought a great deal about before.  I am a Christ follower and therefore have a significant amount of interaction with other Christ followers.  My reason for mentioning the “Christ follower thing” is that I have heard Christians make that same statement before.  I guess it depends on what your definition of natural is…if you give it a working definition of, “it is meant to, or supposed to happen.”  If that is the definition of death we are working with, that death is supposed to happen, then I have a huge problem with that. 

First of all, the Word of God tells us that death was not a part of God’s original creation.  When God finished creating everything at the end of those 7 days, God says that “it was very good.”  Death does not enter onto the scene until Adam and Eve ate the fruit from the tree of the knowledge of good and evil.  At that point a curse was placed on the whole creation – mankind, animals, earth, the universe, etc… – that brought death into the equation for everything (Gen 2:16-17; 3:16-24; Rom 8:19-23).  This means that neither death, nor sin were originally a part of God’s creation, they were not natural!!!!  Someday Jesus Christ is going to do away with death (Rev 20:14; 21:4) completely.

My point in writing this post is the accurate view of death.  It is not natural, it was not God’s original intention.    Death does not happen just because we get old, it happens because we have sin inside of us, which brings death.  So Christ followers remember the cause of death, and the solution to it.  Share the solution with someone else today.


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