God and Israel

Last night during a discussion with a group of Christ followers I meandered into a conversation about the fact that God is not done with the nation of Israel.  After Jesus Christ returns for His Church (the rapture), sometime after that the 7 year Tribulation period (70th week of Daniel, Jacob’s Trouble) is going to kick off.  During this time God is going to be working through the 144,000 Jewish witnesses who will share Christ with the world.  As a result of this there is going to be a multitude which cannot be numbered which will come to a saving knowledge of Christ.  After this 7 year period Jesus the Messiah is going to set up His earthly Kingdom in Jerusalem for 1,000 years.  This is the fulfillment of God’s promise to David (a ruler forever on Israel’s throne), and the fulfillment of Abraham’s promise (Tigris to the Euphrates).  What an amazing God, the God of the Bible! 

So for all of those that are being anti-semitic, a warning.  Do not do these things!  Especially if you happen to claim to be a Christ follower!!!!  This attitude is not honoring to God for one thing, and for another thing, the nation of Israel is the covenant people of God, and He will restore them someday.  Pray for Israel!!!!


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