Too Young

Obviously the Word of God gives us accounts of actual events in the lives of people who were in reality very ordinary people supernaturally enabled by God to carry out His mission on this earth.  An example that I came across in the Scriptures was the prophet Jeremiah.  God tells Jeremiah that He has set him apart for a special purpose.  Jeremiah was destined to fulfill this mission of God.  Jeremiah reminds God that this is not possible because Jeremiah can’t speak properly because he is too young.

There is need for preparation in the life of any servant of God.  It is a part of the growth and maturation process.  But, are there times when a person is hindered by others when it comes to serving God because they are considered too young.  I am aware of many occasions when the young person is rightly restrained from causing damage to others because of his/her age. 

What about the times when the young person can serve, but thinks that he/she is incapable?  We must start somewhere.


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