Pastor or “prophet”????

I must clear up the issue of this entry’s title.  I do not believe that pastors are prophets or that the office still exists during at this time in the Church age. 

I am really trying to get to the root issue involved in local churches in the US.  It seems that pastors are not so much leadership executives (or c.e.o’s).  Pastors are more like the O.T. prophets than they are c.e.o.’s.  Pastors as the undershepherds of Christ are called to equip His people for ministry and to lead the local church they are responsible for (just for the sake of clarification).  Even though this is the Scriptural teaching, pastors put up with a lot of nonsense.  Most men who are overseers in the local church are constantly held in check by other men and women the church.  At all costs these men and women try to prevent their pastor(s) from actually leading (because then they would have to surrender power).  This sad reality is compounded when another reality is considered, people are sinful.  What I mean when I say “sinful” – I mean that most people do not want to change spiritually.  They desire to stay where they are spiritually, which results in a lot of spiritual warfare because they are not growing spiritually.  Most times they lash out at their pastor(s) because they are being more influenced by Satan than by the Holy Spirit.  This is devastating to the life of the man and his family who is called to oversee the church. 

So in many cases I do not see the pastor as c.e.o. or as church growth expert, but as a man who is called to stand in the gap and plead with people to turn from their sinful ways so that they may avoid the judgment that will come from God as a result of His people not living for Him.  It is going to be a rude awakening for a lot of people when they stand before the judgment seat of Christ and find out that their sinful actions toward their pastor is not looked upon favorably by the Chief Shepherd, the Lord Jesus.  The solution:  turn from our sin, walk in the Spirit, and let God’s pastor(s) lead His local churches.    

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