Leadership in the Church

There is an absolute flood of leadership materials that has been released  in recent years.  These have included works that have been “Christian” and there have been “non-Christian” resources.  There is an inherent danger in using “non-Christian” resources for leadership in Jesus’ Church.  The Word of God gives us an alternative leadership model to what many “non-Christian” models present.  There is a different kind of authority that is present in a “non-Christian” leadership situation.  There is a fear/intimidation factor in present in this kind of situation.  There are many cases in church leadership where there is not an option to “fire” a non-productive “employee.”  In this scenario a church leader has an obligation to help the “non-productive” Christ follower grow in grace and become a more effective servant of God.  This obligation is not present in a non-Christian leadership situation.

This will be a work in progress because there is much more to say about leadership in the church.


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