EMHE #6 – A Godly Woman/Wife

Extreme Makeover Home EditionA Godly Woman/WifeIntro:

– This morning we took at look at the 5th message in the series Extreme Makeover Home Edition – A Wife’s Relationship to her Husband.  We saw that God calls for: willing submission to her husband, purity and respect, a gentle and quiet spirit, spiritual beauty.  There is freedom, comfort, and blessing when we live as God made us to live.

– Tonight we are going to look at the 6th message in the series Extreme Makeover Home Edition – A Godly Woman/Wife.  In this passage we are going to receive some instruction from God on how a woman is able to be a godly woman and wife. 

 [Titus 2:3-5]——————————————————– Older Women

* Reverent/respectful in the way they live (3)

– The older female believers were to be respectful in the way that they treated other people and the way that they acted


* Not Slanderers (3)

– The older female believers were to be examples in the way that they lived and talked, they were not to tear other people down verbally


* Not addicted to much wine (3)

            – This would cause bring a lack of credibility


* Teach what is good (3)

– The older female believers were not only to live in a way that honored God in their personal lives, they were to teach the younger female believers the good godly things in word and example that would help the younger female believers to be godly themselves


——————————————————- Younger Women

* Love their husbands (4)

            – One of the essential things to have a godly orderly household is for a wife to be a lover of her husband

                        > Prov 31:10-12


* Love their children (4)

            – One of the essential things for a woman that has children is that she a mother who is a lover of her children


* Self-controlled and pure (5)

– Self-controlled – The woman should not be out of control verbally (gossip, slander, disrespect), physically (violent, gluttonous, lazy), and sexually

– Pure – the women should be godly in every respect, no sexual immorality, no false doctrine, no impure speech – they should be living in a Christ-like way

                        > 1 Tim 2:9-10; Prov 12:4; 31:20


* Be busy/workers at home (5)

– Younger women were to keep their primary focus at home, older women are to help them through example and teaching

– This is part of the crucial role a wife has, she is the primary nurturer for her children, she helps the home to function the way that it is proper

            – In many cases the women were prone to become busy-bodies, gossips, lazy, gluttonous, etc…

            – Part of their role was to help the house to be a home

                        > 1 Tim 2:15; 5:14, 16; Prov 31:13-19, 21-22, 24, 27


* Be kind (5)

            – They were not to be rude, hurtful, etc…

                        > Prov 31:20


* Be subject/submissive to their husbands (5)

            – To be submissive to their husbands, respectful, recognizing them as the spiritual head of the household

                        > Prov 12:4; 18:22; 19:14; 31:23, 28-31  

– Through manifesting these qualities the women would earn the respect of non-believers and therefore not discredit the gospel

– Though this is not popular Christian wives and mothers can still be sure that the Lord will honor those who value what He values, and ultimately He will vindicate both His Word and those who obey it


– In this passage we have seen God’s design for what a godly woman/wife looks like.  This is something that is only possible with God’s enablement.  This kind of godly woman/wife brings honor to God, brings blessing to her family, and is a picture of Christ to the world. 

– A woman like this is a woman who loves and glorifies God through her life.

– Come back next Sunday morning as we take a look at the 6th message in the series Extreme Makeover Home Edition – An UnGodly Woman/Wife.


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