EMHE #5 – A Wife’s Relationship to her Husband

Extreme Makeover Home EditionA Wife’s Relationship to her HusbandMessage #5Intro:– Last Sunday night we looked at message #4 in the series Extreme Makeover Home Edition – A Husband’s Relationship to his Wife.  We saw that he is the spiritual leader, he is to be loving toward his wife, loving her as his own body, being considerate and respectful toward her.– This morning we are going to look at the 5th message in the series Extreme Makeover Home Edition – A Wife’s Relationship to her Husband.  We are going to receive some extremely insight into how a wife can live with her husband in a God-honoring way.  We are going to see how God desires for female believers to live.– What are some of the images that come into your mind when it comes to being a woman?  What are some of the images that come into your mind when it comes to being a wife?  How many of these images please you?  How many of them are accurate?  How many of them are damaging? [1 Peter 3:1-6]* Willing submission to your husband (1)            – Submitting to a believing husband and an unbelieving husband            – A wife submits to her husband not because of inequality, because Christ is equal to the Father and yet was submissive to Him                        > see Eph 5:22; Col 1:18 * The most effective way to see an unbelieving husband changed (1-2)            – Win over your unbelieving husband through your behavior> Wives who are believers should willingly submit to their husbands, so that if they are married to an unbeliever, that their godly behavior would win their husband over, because the husband sees purity and respect in their wives            – Purity and respect            – Not through words – i.e. nagging, or preaching> The Word of God here is indicating that a believing wife must live in a respectful and Christ-like way to be able to honor God and for there to a chance to see him place his faith in Christ * Beauty that is more than skin deep (3-4)            – A gentle and quiet spirit – spiritual beauty> A wife’s beauty should not come just from outward appearance: nice hair, jewelry, nice clothes.  Their beauty should be an inward beauty (a spiritual beauty), a gentle and quiet spirit (which doesn’t go away in the aging process).> The passage does not forbid looking nice outwardly, but it is pointing out what makes a woman truly beautiful.            – God views this kind of beauty as precious/of great worth                        > God views this kind of spirit/attitude as being precious                        > see 1 Tim 2:9-10; Prov 11:22 * God’s beauties (5a) – the female cream of the crop            – The example of godly women            – Gentle and quiet spirit            – Willingly submitted to their husbands> the holy/godly women in the past were beautiful in this way (a gentle/meek and quiet spirit), they were willingly submitted to their husbands spiritual leadership, they respected their husbands                        > see Titus 2:5 * I want to be like Sarah (5b-6) – strive to be like Sarah            – She is an example of faith and obedience> Sarah’s act of calling Abraham master/lord/sire was an act of respect toward him as a husband, she recognized him as the spiritual leader and the head of their household> Sarah is an example of this gentle and quiet spirit, she obeyed/submitted to Abraham and called him lord/master/sir.  When Christian women behave in this same way (like Sarah) they are her daughters – they will be considered holy/godly women, just like Sarah.  Sarah is an example of faith and obedience.  Christian women can do this with God’s help.                        > see 1 Cor 11:3, 10 * Don’t worry about things before they happen (6) – don’t be frightened, obey and trust God– Christian women can have a gentle and quiet spirit with God’s help, they can do this if they don’t fear/become frightened (fear of potential disaster or harm prevents people from doing God’s will in many cases– There is the potential that the husband will take advantage of the wife as she is obeying God in this way – submitted willingly to her husband and having a gentle and quiet spirit            – God will watch over the women even if their husband is ungodly Conclusion:– In this passage we see God’s instruction for woman/wives in their relationship to their husbands.  He gives you guidelines for how to act in the way that He desires.– Come back tonight as we explore message #6 in the series Extreme Makeover Home Edition – A Godly Woman/Wife.


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