EMHE #20 – A Godly Child

Extreme Makeover Home EditionChildren: A Godly ChildMessage #20Intro:– Last week in message #19 which was entitled “Children: Living a Pure Life – pt 2″ we saw that the Word of God gives us 3 facts about impurity in Proverbs 2 that will help us to be prepared to live a pure life for God.  They are:           1) It is avoidable                                                     2) It is attractive          3) It is destructiveA United Press survey found that the “typical American” is a twenty-seven-year-old who does not read one book a year. He is materialistic, satisfied with small pleasures, bored with theological disputations. Although he may attend church twenty- seven times a year, he is not interested in the supernatural. He is concerned with neither heaven nor hell. In fact, he has no interest whatever in immortality. His principal interests are football, hunting, fishing, and car-tinkering.“When a man says he can’t keep awake through a thirty-minute sermon, and stays home with his 700-column newspaper, whom is he kidding? When a man says Sunday is his only day to rest, and gets up at 4:30 a.m. to go fishing, or spends the day on a golf course, whom is he kidding? When a man says church seats are too hard and uncomfortable, then goes some Saturday to sit on a bleacher for hours in a drizzle watching 22 men push one another back and forth across a mud lot, whom is he kidding? When a man says he doesn’t have time for Christ and His church, then spends evenings shopping, bowling, watching television, going to clubs, playing cards and having evenings out, whom is he kidding? … Not God!” ~ Spire– This week in message #20 which is entitled “Children: A Godly Child” we are going to look how our actions affect others and ourselves.  This wisdom from the Word of God will help us to be better prepared to make right decisions.  Decisions that will glorify God. * The effect of your conduct on your parents– Prov 10:1- a wise godly child makes his/her dad happy, but a foolish ungodly child brings grief to his/her mom  > In January 1970, Max Born died. A close friend of Albert Einstein and a colleague of Max Planck and Otto Hahn, the nuclear physicists, he was one of the great minds of the twentieth century. In an interview on German television before his death, Born commented: “I’d be happier if we had scientists with less brains and more wisdom.”          – Prov 15:20 – a wise godly child makes his/her dad happy, but a foolish child despises his/her mom           > Knowledge can be memorized. Wisdom must think things through. Wisdom is the something that enables us to use knowledge rightly. Wisdom resists group pressures, thinks for itself, and is reconciled to the use of its own judgment – Prov 23:15-16 – if a child is wise his father will be glad, when a child speaks what is right the dad will rejoice         > A gentleman, traveling on a misty morning, asked a shepherd what weather it will be. “It will be,” said the shepherd, “what weather pleases me.” Asked to explain, the shepherd said: “Sir, it shall be what weather pleases God; and what weather pleases God also pleases me.” ~ Foster– Prov 29:3 – a child who loves wisdom makes his/her parents happy, but a child who spends his/her time with harlots/immoral people will lose his/her money                           * The effect of your conduct on you          – Prov 20:20 – a child who curses either one of his/her parents will die          – Prov 22:1 – a good name/reputation is better than to be rich> A committee of ministers in a certain city was discussing the possibility of having D. L. Moody to serve as the evangelist during a city-wide evangelistic campaign. Finally, one young minister who did not want to invite Moody stood up and said: “Why Moody? Does he have a monopoly of the Holy Spirit?” There was silence. Then an old, godly minister spoke up: “No, he does not have a monopoly of the Holy Spirit; but the Holy Spirit has a monopoly of D. L. Moody.”           – Prov 22:24-25 – don’t spend a lot of time with an angry person, it will rub off on you          – Prov 25:6-7 – don’t presume great honor/respect, it is better to receive it than to lose it                   >         Which Disturbs You Most?                    A soul lost in Hell … or a scratch on your new car?                    Your missing the worship service … or missing a day’s work?                    A sermon 10 minutes too long … or lunch half hour late?                    A church not growing … or your garden not growing?                    Your Bible unopened … or your newspaper unread?                    The church work being neglected … or housework neglected?                    Missing a good Bible study … or your favorite TV program?                    The millions who do not know Christ … or your inability to keep up with the neighbors?                    The cry of the multitude for bread … or your desire for another piece of German chocolate cake?                     Your tithes decreasing … or your income decreasing?                     Your children late for Sunday school and Church … or late for public school?                            Which really disturbs you most?          ~ The Bible Friend Conclusion:We said to a physician friend one day, “Doctor, what is the exact significance of God’s touching Jacob upon the sinew of his thigh?” He replied, “The sinew of the thigh is the strongest in the human body. A horse could scarcely tear it apart.” God had to break us down at the strongest part of our self-life before He can have His own way of blessing with us. ~ J. H. McConkey– This morning we looked at how our actions affect others and ourselves.  This wisdom from the   Word of God properly applied to our lives will help us to make right decisions.  Decisions that will   glorify God.– This is the final message in our series “Extreme Makeover Home Edition”. 


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