EMHE #19 – A Pure Life – pt 2

Extreme Makeover Home EditionChildren: A Pure Life – pt 2Proverbs 5:1-14Message #19Intro:– Last week in message #18 which was entitled “Children: Living a Pure Life – pt 1″ we discovered in the Word of God the necessity of godly wisdom for living a pure life.In his earlier life Dannecker, the sculptor, gained for himself a wonderful reputation for his statues of Ariadne and the Greek goddesses. Approaching his prime he felt he ought to devote all his strength and time to the creation of a masterpiece, so he set about to carve a figure of the Christ. Twice he failed in his purpose, but finally he carved an image of Christ so perfect, so exquisitively beautiful that when people gazed upon it, they could only love and adore. Later Napoleon sent for him. “Come to Paris,” he said, “and make for me a statue of Venus for the Louvre.” But no such offer could tempt the heart of Dannecker. His reply was simple. “Sir, the hands that carved the Christ can never again carve a heathen goddess.”A group of children were comparing home situations. The banker’s son said proudly, “My father gives me a dollar each week for being good.” The lawyer’s son said he received fifty cents. The widow’s son complained that he only got twenty-five cents. Then the preacher’s son spoke up. “My father’s a minister,” he stated matter-of-factly, “so I’m good for nothing.”– This week in message #19 which is entitled “Children: Living a Pure Life – pt 2″ we are going to notice some characteristics of impurity, that will help us to be better prepared to live a pure life for God. * Impurity is avoidable (1-2)Wisdom ~ “the capacity to understand and so have skill in living, implying adherence to a set standard ~ DBLUnderstanding ~ “insight, wisdom, i.e., capacity for discerning a right course of action” ~ DBL                    > Listen to godly wisdom, it will help you to:                             1) observe discretion                                       = discretion ~ “the ability to make proper decisions” DBL                             2) reserve knowledge   = “Just one letter of the alphabet makes all the difference between us now,” said a recently-converted young woman to an unsaved friend, who could not understand the great change that had come over her. “You love the world,” she said, “and I love the Word.”= One of the knights of King Arthur’s Round Table was Sir Galahad, called the “Maiden Knight,” because of his pure life. Tennyson reports him as saying, “My strength is as the strength of ten, because my heart is pure.” There is power in purity. When the Holy Spirit comes upon a person to cleanse his heart, he also brings that one power—power to resist temptation, to “stand up and be counted,” to do the right thing every time.* Impurity is attractive (3-6)     – The woman/man will speak very smooth, flattering things (3)     – The appearance is much different than the substance (4-6)               1) She is bitter, not sweet; she is sharp, not smooth (4)> Wormwood ~ “a very unpleasant substance to consume, which may make one sick” ~ DBL               2) Her impure living shortens her life (5)               3) She doesn’t think about there being any bad consequences for how she is living (6)> School had dismissed for the day. A couple of teenage sisters had slipped into their father’s office at the governor’s mansion. It was during the time when bobbed hair was becoming very fashionable for the young ladies. The southern governor did not want his girls to have bobbed hair. On this particular day, they were both pleading with him for permission. One of them came out with that often-used remark, “But father, everybody’s doing it.” The governor asked, “Whose daughters are you?” After hearing them acknowledge him, he said, “Sure. You are the daughters of the Governor. You do not follow the styles. You set the styles.” * Impurity is destructive (7-14)     – Don’t go near her/his house (7-8)     – The results of sinning with her/him will be: (9-14)               1) Your strength and your life will be taken (9)               2) Someone else ends up with your things (10)               3) You will regret what you have done when the consequences come (11-14)                        a) your flesh and body are withered away                         b) you will remember that hating instruction and correction brought you here                        c) you didn’t listen to wisdom or seek it                        d) you are in this sad state in front of all of God’s people and society Conclusion:– “Hugh Martin in The Parables of the Gospels, tells the story of a rather rough, uncultured man who fell in love with a beautiful vase in a shop window. He bought the vase and put it on the mantelpiece in his room. There it became a kind of judgment on its surroundings. He had to clean up the room to make it worthy of the vase. The curtains looked dingy beside it. The old chair with the stuffing coming out of the seat would not do. The wallpaper and the paint needed renewing. Gradually the whole room was transformed.”  ~ O. R. Powell– In the message this morning we have seen that the Word of God tells us 3 things in Proverbs 2 about impurity:           1) It is avoidable                                                     2) It is attractive          3) It is destructiveWhat are you doing to avoid impurity?  Are you living to bring God glory?  The answer should depend on what your actions are doing to God’s reputation!– Next Sunday morning we are going to look at message #20 which is entitled “Children: A Godly Child”.

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