EMHE #18 – A Pure Life – pt 1

Extreme Makeover Home EditionChildren: A Pure Life – pt 1Proverbs 2Message #18Intro:– Last week in message #17 which was entitled “Children: Listen to your Parents” we learned from the Word of God the importance of listening.  You cannot learn or become wise, if you are not willing to listen!The distinguished pastor of the Brick Presbyterian Church in New York, Dr. Maltbie Babcock was approached by a physician, a member of his congregation, who was concerned about his health. Handing Dr. Babcock some theater tickets he said, “Take these. You need the recreation of going to this play.” His pastor looked at them. Seeing they were tickets to a play of the kind he could not conscientiously attend, he said kindly, “Thank you, but I can’t take them. I can’t go.” “Why not?” the physician asked. “Doctor, it’s this way. You’re a physician; a surgeon, in fact. When you operate, you scrub your hands meticulously until you are especially clean. You wouldn’t dare operate with dirty hands. I’m a servant of Christ. I deal with precious human souls. I wouldn’t dare to do my service with a dirty life.”– This week in message #18 which is entitled “Children: Living a Pure Life – pt 1″ we are going to discover that in the Word of God we find the necessity of godly wisdom for living a pure life.   * The pursuit of wisdom (1-5)– It is important to search for godly wisdom because it is precious, valuable beyond belief (1-4)– Pursuing wisdom will lead to loving reverence for God (being in awe of Him) and an intimate knowledge of God and His teaching (5) * The provider of wisdom (6-8)– God the source of wisdom, and He has a limitless supply of wisdom, those who seek wisdom and walk in wisdom, God will guard and protect them                   > John Newton’s life rule: “I make it a rule of Christian duty never to go to a place where there is not room for my Master as well as myself.” * The protection of wisdom (9-19)– Wisdom will give you discernment and it will be pleasant to your soul, it will also rescue you from two things                            1) The way of evil men (12-15)                                      = speaking perverse things (12)                                      = walking in the ways of darkness (13)                                      = devious ways (15)                            2) The strange woman/adulteress (16-19)                                      = flatters with her words (16)                                      = forgets her husband and God (17)                                      = choosing her will lead to destruction (18-19)> Someone has said: “It is not enough for a gardener to love flowers; he must also hate weeds.”> “The greatest security against sin is to be shocked at its presence.”                    ~ Carlyle * The pronouncement of wisdom (20-22)         – Wisdom will help you to be good and righteous (20)         – Godly, obedient people will be blessed (21)         – Disobedient people will be punished (22)> There was a Scotsman who had a dress shirt which he wore on special occasions. After he had used it several times, he would question its cleanness and take it to the window for better light. His wife’s words were very wise: “If it’s doubtful, it’s dirty!” ~ V. Raymond Edman Conclusion:Caesar divorced the unfortunate Pemeia; but he expressed no opinion as to the extent of her criminality. He gave as his reason for separating from her, not that she was guilty, but that Caesar’s wife must be above suspicion.– Would anyone question your devotion to God?  Would anyone question the purity of your life?  The goal is not to be pure for the attention and admiration of people, it is out of love and devotion to Almighty God!– Next Sunday morning we are going to look at message #19 which is entitled “Children: A Pure Life – pt 2″.  


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