EMHE #17 – Listen to your Parents

Extreme Makeover Home EditionChildren: Listen to your ParentsProverbs 1:8-10; 23:23-25Message #17 Intro:– In message #16 which was entitled “Parenting – Teaching Sexual Purity” we witnessed that the Word of God teaches us the value of understanding the consequences of sexual impurity.  This wisdom is to help a person avoid the pain and scars that come from sexual sin.– There is a form of deafness known to physicians in which the person affected is able to hear everything except words. In such a case the ear, as an apparatus for mere hearing, may be so perfect that the tick of a watch or the song of a bird is really appreciated. But owing to a local injury deeper than the ear, for it is in the brain itself, all spoken words of his mother tongue are as unintelligible to the sufferer as those of a foreign language. Give him a book and he may read as understandingly as ever, but every word addressed to him through his ear reaches his consciousness only as a sound, not as a word. ~ W. H. Thompson– Sometimes it seems as though all children suffer from this condition at various points in their lives.  Though it seems they may learn this unwise behavior from none other than the adults they observe most frequently!– This morning in message #17 which is entitled “Children: Listen to your Parents” we are going to learn from the Word of God the importance of listening.  You cannot learn or become wise, if you are not willing to listen!           * Listen to your mom and dad as they train you to live for God (8)father’s instruction ~ “the teaching of a principle or axiom for life” ~ Dictionary of Biblical Languages; “paternal discipline, correction” ~ BDBdo not forsake ~ “reject, abandon, i.e., cause a relationship or association to cease” ~ DBLmother’s teaching ~ “instruction, i.e., information that is imparted to a student” ~ DBL          > Listen to your parents, keep their teaching close to you (6:20-21)          > Listen to your parents, even as you get older (23:22) * The instruction/training will add beauty and honor to your life (9)          Wreath ~ it was a symbol of honor, the teaching of the parents when it is obeyed is looked at as an adornment, or symbol of honor, because of its wisdom                    > The training will help you to know how to live a life that pleases God (6:22)         > If you want to be wise don’t fight against your parents’ training, a foolish person ignores correction and continues living the same way * Don’t give in to peer pressure and do wrong things (10)Sinners ~ those who have stepped outside of God’s boundaries, they are people who in their actions have missed the standard of where God has instructed them to abide         > If there are people who don’t have a relationship with God or who aren’t living for Him, and they try to talk you into something that is wrong, don’t go with them * Seek to be a wise godly person (23:23-25)          Truth ~ “certain, sure, i.e., that which conforms to reality, and is so certain not           to be false” ~ DBLWisdom ~ “the capacity to understand and so have skill in living, implying adherence to a set standard” ~ DBLInstruction ~ here the word refers to “correction, reproof, rebuke” sometimes physical, most times verbal          Understanding ~ the word refers to “discernment, insight”, the good sense to respond          properly to God and His instruction                                                                                      > Truth, wisdom, instruction, and understanding (23)                    > If you are a wise, godly person your parents will be very happy (24-25) Conclusion:– This morning in message #17 which was entitled “Children: Listen to your Parents” we learned from the Word of God the importance of listening.  You cannot learn or become wise, if you are not willing to listen!– If you are not yet an adult this morning, how well are you listening to your parents?  If you are an adult and a parent this morning, how valuable is the information that you are training your child with?  Are you giving them anything worthwhile?– Next week we are going to look at message #18 which is entitled “Children: A Pure Life – pt 1″.      




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