EMHE #15 – Teaching God’s wisdom to your kids

Extreme Makeover Home EditionParenting – Teaching God’s Wisdom to your KidsProv 31:1-9; Deut 6:20-25Message # 15Intro:– Last week we looked at message #14 in our series Extreme Makeover Home Edition, which was entitled, “For Your Kid’s Sake, Discipline Them!”  The Word of God has given us wisdom when it comes to disciplining/training our kids.  Here again are the Four Reasons for Disciplining your Kids: (1) the importance of discipline; (2) the hope of discipline; (3) the wisdom of discipline; (4) the reward of discipline.  Those are the Four Reasons for Disciplining your Kids from Proverbs 23:13-25.– This morning we are going to look at message #15 in our series Extreme Makeover Home Edition, which is entitled, “Teaching God’s Wisdom to your Kids.”  We are going to look at 2 different example of teaching God’s wisdom to children.  In the first example we are going to look at a general situation where a parent who is a Christ-follower would pass on God’s wisdom to their kids.  In the second example we are going to look at a more specific situation of a parent who is a Christ-follower passing on God’s wisdom to their kids so that they can be leaders for God.– There is a children’s author that I just learned about recently, his name is Philip Pullman, and he writes children’s books.  The latest series is a trilogy, entitled “His Dark Materials.”  To give you a condensed warning (if you have more questions, ask me later), the story follows two young children who are trying to save the world (sounds innocent enough), do you want to know who the “enemies” are?  God and Christians!  The book says that God and Christians are evil.  The book is written for children 11 years old and up.  The author says that he is glad to be known as an enemy of the evil that comes from God and Christians.  Have I gotten your attention yet?  They are releasing a movie based on the books next year, and there is a video game that is planned.  – It is crucial to have some kind of deliberate plan to pass God’s wisdom on to your kids.  Do you realize that people in this world when they are wanting to affect the thinking of children (and therefore affect their lives) they deliberately get their attention through commercial advertising, through children’s books, movies, cartoons, etc…  If the world is deliberate (which they seem to be pretty effective), we must recognize that, and stop being lazy!  If laziness is not the reason, maybe we just don’t know how to pass God’s wisdom on to our kids, then make sure you listen this morning!   [> Deuteronomy 6:20-25 <]   An example of Parental Instruction for all those raising kids for God* Verse 20 – God tells the Israelites that their kids will/might ask, “Why do ‘we’ have to obey God, and what are all these instructions/rules about?  –>  the Question  <–           > This is a home where the Word of God is discussed openly.  Questions are asked and answers are provided when possible.          > All kids wonder and most kids ask the question, “Why?”  It might be good for us to have an answer.  So we are going to run a parallel discussion this morning with this one that we find in the Scriptures.            ~ Dad and mom, why did God give us commands?  Why are they important? * Verse 21 – the Israelites were supposed to answer and share their “testimony” with their kids.  –>  the Answer  –>  The Israelites were slaves in Egypt and God rescued them.           > It is interesting how God instructed them to answer the question of the children.  He tells the parents to share how they came to have a relationship with God.          > The parent tells the child about how God initiated a relationship with them by rescuing them from the slavery that they were in to people who were not good to them.          ~ Well kids, we used to be slaves to sin and we served Satan, though we didn’t know it at the time.   We didn’t have any hope to get out of it either.  But then God rescued us from it all Himself! * Verse 22 – God also showed them signs and wonders against Egypt, and against Pharaoh and his family           > God used His unbelievable power to do miracles that freed us from the power of Egypt and Pharaoh.           ~ God sent His Son Jesus to earth since He is sinless and He died for us because since we had sin that was what the penalty was.  But, He rose three days later and that is how we know what He said was true and that is how we know what He did worked!  This was God’s unbelievable power at work to free us from the power of sin and Satan. * Verse 23 – God took them out to bring them in to the Promised Land, which He had promised to their ancestors          > God’s purpose for bringing them out of slavery to Egypt and Pharaoh was to bring them into the place of freedom (the Promised Land) that He had promised to their ancestors, years ago.          ~ God’s purpose for bringing us out of slavery to sin and Satan was to bring us into a relationship with Him (salvation through faith in Jesus Christ’s cross-work) which the Bible says He promised – in essence the fulfillment of the promise to Abraham to bless the world through Abraham’s seed, which I would say Christ has certainly done by providing forgiveness for sins and a place in heaven! * Verse 24 – God commanded the Israelites to obey His instructions, and to fear/respect Him – all of this was for their good always and for their survival as the people of God          > God gave His people instructions that were based on who He is.  He gave them these instructions so that they would fear/respect Him.  Their obedience to these instructions was for their own good and for their survival.          ~ God has given us His instruction in the Bible so that we would know how to live in a relationship with Him.  These are for our own good and for our spiritual survival. * Verse 25 – If the Israelites obey God, just as He commanded them, it will be righteousness for them – it will be good for them, they will be rewarded          > If we obey God it will be good for us, not that it will ensure our relationship with God, but it will keep distractions and hindrances out of the way.  God will bless us for our obedience out of love for Him.          ~ When we obey God with His help it will be good for us.  God will be pleased that we are living with Him in a proper relationship and because we love Him.  God will bless us for our obedience out of love for Him.  [> Proverbs 31:1-9 <]    An example of Parental Instruction for those who want to raise leaders for God* Verse 1 – King Lemuel’s mom taught him important things, God’s wisdom          > All of the statements made in verse 2 are to inform the son that he is very important and special to her * Verse 3 – His mom taught him not to become involved in polygamy or promiscuity          > Lemuel’s mother warns him that this immoral sexual behavior would be disastrous for him as a leader for God.  This wrong behavior would have a damaging effect on his body and his mind.  It is important for a leader to be able to think clearly to make wise godly decisions, and also for a leader to have a good reputation.          > The dangers of immoral sexual behavior would be that it would cloud his judgment and this would lead to him neglecting his responsibilities for God.            > He as a leader for God is supposed to be on top of his game, even if no one else is. * Verses 4-5 – His mom warned him that alcohol blurs your judgment, and therefore not good for leaders to be involved with at all          > She warns Lemuel of the dangers of alcoholism.  The most immediate danger for him as a king would be that the alcohol would cloud his memory and judgment which would lead to injustice for the afflicted/oppressed.          > She specifically says here that drunkenness will lead him to forget what God has said is           right and what is wrong, and this will lead to more injustice.    * Verses 6-7 – His mom says that alcohol was more fitting for someone dying (pain medication), or for someone experiencing tragedy          > “Beer” (or “strong drink”) and wine in the culture was acceptable as an anesthetic/drug to           deaden physical pain or deep emotional bitterness (and the pain of those dying)> Though the main point in these verses is that though others used alcohol as an escape from their present circumstances, he as a king, as a leader for God, was not to do so * Verse 8 – This is the second mention of “justice” in such a short interaction is a clear sign of the importance of this issue (the 1st mention is in verse 5).  His mom says that he as a leader is not to stand by and ignore injustice; she told him to open his mouth for the mute – because they can’t – she told him to open his mouth for the unfortunate – because most times they didn’t have the power or the influence to be heard or gain justice for themselves          > In these cases as the king, he was God’s representative and was supposed to do things in a way that God would want, this includes helping those who are in need, who can’t help themselves> “A king who defended those who could not defend themselves and who were of little threat and made little contribution to him would be noted as a just and gracious man.”  BKC> The king was supposed to judge/make decisions fairly, regardless of a person’s social status          ~ “Destitute/Afflicted” – literally – those who are passing away, those who are on their last legs   BKC * Verse 9 – His mom also told him to open his mouth and make sure that justice was served righteously, and she told him to defend the rights of the afflicted and needy – because they were being taken advantage of or at the very least being ignored by those around them – this was shameful> These statements made in verses 8-9 are clear indications of the responsibility of kings to help/defend those who don’t have a voice to speak up for themselves or the ability to defend themselves          ~ “Afflicted and Needy” – these are people who are easily oppressed or taken advantage of by others – the king was supposed to defend these people Conclusion:– It is extremely important for Christ-followers to be deliberate in passing on God’s wisdom to their children.  Do you realize that if you expect other people to pass God’s wisdom on to your kids, you are a passive observer!  God is not calling us to be passive observers!!!!  We must equip our children, we must train them to know how to live for God!!!!– Next Sunday morning we are going to take a look at message #16 in our series Extreme Makeover Home Edition which is entitled, “Teaching Sexual Purity.”– Tonight we are going to be diving into “God’s Wisdom for Life” in our study of the Wisdom Books.


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