The Search for Truth

There has always been a search for truth throughout the history of mankind.  It continues today.  There seem to be some new developments in this search for truth.  There has been a redefining of terms.  There is a very fluid definition for truth today.  Though this reality seems new, it is not new at all.  This has been going on for years also.  Pontius Pilate asked Jesus, “What is truth?”  That incident was not the first time that question was asked (most times it is not verbally expressed).  People really desire to know what is true.  The only thing that messes up the whole process, is sin.  Sin distorts our perceptions.  Even Christ followers with the indwelling Holy Spirit have a difficult time discerning truth at times. 

There are many voices in the argument today.  With the advent of the world wide web, almost anyone can have a place in the discussion.  This results in contrasting view points.  There is a reality though.  Two opposing views truth cannot both be right.  The standard to measure truth must be the revealed Word of God.  Can we as Christ followers accept and abide by that?   


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