Extreme Makeover Home Edition 2 – The origin of marriage

Extreme Makeover Home EditionThe Origin of Marriage – Message #2


– This morning we looked at the first message in the series Extreme Makeover Home Edition, The Importance of Family. We saw from God’s perspective how important the family is in the process of knowing God and living for God. Tonight, we are going to look at the second message in the series Extreme Makeover Home Edition, The Origin of Marriage. There are so many different ideas about what the purpose of marriage is, who is allowed to be involved in marriage, and how many people are allowed to be involved. The reason why we end up at so many different questions and answers is because mankind has forgotten who created/established marriage. Here is a hint: it wasn’t Adam and Eve.

[Genesis 2:4-25]

– God makes man/Adam and puts him in the garden of Eden. There are trees with food that are growing in the garden. There are two trees in particular that are mentioned. One is characterized by life, one is characterized by knowledge of good and evil. (Verses 4-9) > Man/Adam is created first, from dirt/soil/clay. God breathes life into him and he becomes a living being (with a soul/spirit).> God put Adam where He wanted him, in the garden. God grew the trees/plants, etc…

– God put the man/Adam in the garden of Eden to take care of it. The only thing we read that God specifically gave him instruction for was that he was to eat from every tree, except for the tree of the knowledge of good and evil. God tells the man that if he eats from that lone tree, he will die. (Verses 15-17)

> Man is given responsibility for God’s instruction – don’t eat from that one tree> Man is given responsibility for God’s creation – take care of it

– God assesses man’s situation and says that it isn’t good for him to be alone. As a result of this God determines to make a helper suitable for man. God brings all of the land animals and birds to the man for him to name them. When the man completes this task, it is found that there is still not a helper suitable for the man. (Verses 18-20) > Man is not whole/complete alone (this is true even though God is present, so God created man to need companionship with more than just God and animals, something to ponder here), animals cannot equal/replace inter-personal relationships with other human-beings.

– God determines to resolve this issue of the man not having a suitable helper. He causes the man to sleep, takes one of his ribs out of his body, and then closes back up the opening in his side. God takes the man’s extracted rib and makes it into a woman. After God creates the woman from the man’s rib, He takes her to the man. (Verses 21-22)

> God Himself reconciles the lack of wholeness/completeness.

– Adam recognizes that the woman was made from him and for him. (Verse 23)

> Woman was made from man. She was created to help man become whole or complete. > The man names the woman, he is the spiritual head of this marriage relationship. In the Old Testament, this action of naming someone shows authority. The person who names has authority over the one who is being named.

– As a result of God creating the woman as a helper suitable for the man, a man is supposed to leave his father and mother (leaving their custody to establish a new family unit with his wife) and to become one flesh with his wife (this is God’s intention for husband and wife – monogamy). (Verses 24-25) > The husband and wife are to form an inseparable union, of which one flesh is both a sign and expression.> In God’s eyes when a man and a woman come together in marriage, they become one unit. He views them as one in His sight. This is the most intimate bond that can be created, the only other bond that can be more intimate is the spiritual bond that a person has with God when he/she accepts Jesus as his/her personal Savior.

> At this point, there is no sin. Marriage at this point was perfect because mankind was perfect.


– As we see in this passage, God is the one who created not only mankind, He also created marriage. He is the source of the marital relationship. When God created marriage, it was perfect. Marriage is not a result of the fall of mankind.

– Next Sunday morning, we are going to look at message #3 in the series Extreme Makeover Home Edition, A Godly Marriage.


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