Extreme Makeover Home Edition 1 – the importance of family

Extreme Makeover Home EditionThe Importance of Family

Message #1


– In this series we are going to search God’s Word and discover God’s design for family. When we know what God’s plan is and we implement it with His help, things go much smoother than without implementing God’s plan.

– In this series we are going to look at different sections of the family structure. After this introductory message, we will move on to look at: Marriage, Parenting, Children, and Grandparenting. God has given us instruction in His Word for each of these areas.

[Deut 6:1-9]

* Satan is attacking the family. He attacks the husband-wife relationship. In the aftermath of that attack, the family pays a tremendous price. * Both parents and grandparents are involved in this process that is described in Deuteronomy chapter 6. According to this passage, God says that parents and grandparents are integral in the process of family well-being and relationships. The spiritual lives of every individual is in view in this passage.

[* Verses 1-3] –>

> Everyone is called on to obey God so that things will go well with them and they will be blessed.

> The well-being of an entire family unit is dependent upon the individuals in the family knowing God and living for Him

[* Verses 4-9] –>

(1) Personal Commitment (5-6) –> Principles #1, 2

> There is a commitment on the part of each individual to know God, to love Him, and to obey Him

> It is a given that knowing God and having a growing relationship with Him is the most important thing in


(2) Parental communication (7-9) –> Principles #3, 4, 5

> God’s commands are to be known by the whole family and they are to be obeyed.

> God should be the focus of every home.

> The faith is to be passed on by the family.

– This is God’s plan for passing on the truth about Himself—from parent to child. As a child matures, he becomes a parent to the next generation, and so on. (7)

– Godly words were to be flowing out of their mouths. They were to be constantly

speaking about the things of God. The children were to see God’s Word throughout the house in their parents’ absence; they were to see it symbolized in what their parents wore; and they were to hear it when their parents opened their mouths. The law of God was to be passed on so that godliness and righteousness could move from one generation to the next. (8-9)[Col 3:18-21] –> God’s blue-print for family structure

> Wives submit willingly to your husband (18)

– This is a willingness to yield to the spiritual authority that God has given the husband as the spiritual head of the house –> think of an orchestra and a conductor

> Husbands love your wife, don’t be bitter with her (19) – It is crucial for husbands to love/protect their wives, God has given them these needs for love/affection/protection/acceptance, don’t become bitter because of various reasons so that you as a husband don’t love your wife, it will mess up the whole family

> Children obey your parents, this makes God happy (20) – Children are given as a gift/responsibility by God, parents are to help prepare their kids for living life for God, so kids obey your parents, by doing this you are obeying God and making Him happy

> Dads don’t exasperate your kids, so that they won’t lose heart (21) – Since dads are the spiritual head of the home (and many times “the enforcer”) the ultimate responsibility for how the kids are raised lies with him, be consistent with your kids, don’t show favoritism; if you frustrate them it will shape how they live the rest of their lives; don’t screw them up!

[Conclusion] – Tonight we will look at the message #2 in Extreme Makeover Home Edition – The Origin of Marriage


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