The Sufficiency of Christ’s sacrifice and how we should live as a result – Hebrews #6

The Sufficiency of Christ’s sacrifice and how we should live as a result

Hebrews 10:1-39


         The Day of Atonement came once a year (Lev. 16; 23:26-32; Num. 29:1-6).  Now on our calendars it is called Yom Kippur.  It came in the month of Tishri (Sept.-Oct.).  The high priest only would offer a sacrifice for his own sins, and then he would offer a sacrifice for all of the Israelites.  The high priest would confess all of the sins of all of the people.

         Jesus came to this earth, was born sinless, lived a sinless life (1 Jn. 3:5), and died on the cross.  He took all of God the Father’s wrath on Himself, paying the debt that all of humanity owed as a result of being sinners (Rom. 6:32).

         Jewish Christians were being persecuted, and some of them were beginning to consider leaving Jesus and going back to the Mosaic Law with its animal sacrifices.

         God the Father allowed God the Son to receive all of His wrath (which was wrath intended for the sin of mankind), and die an excruciating death on the cross.  God the Father takes the death of His Son seriously, and so should we.  We need to trust Christ and cling to Him, while we wait for His return.

I)                   Animal sacrifices covered sin temporarily (10:1-9)

a.      They had to keep sacrificing each year (1-4)

                                                               i.      They are a shadow of Christ’s perfect sacrifice (1)

1.      A representation of the final sacrifice

                                                             ii.      If they were permanent, they wouldn’t have needed to do it again (2)

                                                            iii.      They are reminded of the guilt of their sin each year, because they had to sacrifice again (3)

                                                           iv.      It is impossible for animal sacrifices to cover sins permanently (4)

1.      They covered the guilt of the people for one year, until the next Day of Atonement

b.      Jesus came into the world presenting a new permanent sacrifice (5-9)

                                                               i.      Christ came because God the Father didn’t want to keep getting animal sacrifices, so God the Father prepared a body for God the Son (5)

                                                             ii.      God the Father eventually took no pleasure in animal sacrifices, He wanted something permanent (6)

                                                            iii.      Jesus points out that the O.T. prophecies indicate that He came to do the Father’s will (7)

                                                           iv.      The Law prescribed animal sacrifices (8)

                                                             v.      Jesus came and fulfilled the Law’s demands, and paid its penalty, to enact the New Covenant (9)

II)                 Christ’s sacrifice covers sin forever (10-18)

a.      The priests can never rest, Jesus sat down (10-14)

                                                               i.      By God the Father’s will we have been sanctified (permanently-Grk perfect tense) through Christ forever (10) these are saved people he is writing to

                                                             ii.      Priests sacrifice over and over, and the sacrifices only cover temporarily (11)

                                                            iii.      Jesus offered Himself once for all time, and then sat down (12)

1.      Jewish high priests and priests could never sit down

                                                           iv.      Now Jesus waits till He comes back to reclaim creation (13)

                                                             v.      Jesus had perfected for all time those that the Father has sanctified (14)

b.      Jesus has ordained a New Covenant (15-18)

                                                               i.      The Holy Spirit told about this (15)

                                                             ii.      The change will be an internal spiritual transformation (16)

1.      On the heart and mind

                                                            iii.      God will pardon our sin (17)

1.      We can’t and don’t do anything to cleanse our sin

                                                           iv.      Since Jesus offered Himself once, no one else needs to sacrifice for sins ever again (18)

III)              We should be changed and growing spiritually because of what Christ has done in our life (19-25)

a.      Because we have a better high priest (19-22)

                                                               i.      Through Jesus we are able to enter the holy place (19)

1.      Before only the high priest could

                                                             ii.      His sacrifice tore down the barrier and His body like the veil was torn (20)

1.      His death gives needed access and route to God the Father

                                                            iii.      Jesus is our high priest (21)

1.      He intercedes for us

                                                           iv.      We don’t need to doubt or be afraid, we have been cleansed from the guilt of our sin (22)

1.      Draw near with a “true, dependable” heart

b.      Because God promised our salvation in Christ is sure (23-25)

                                                               i.      God will keep His promise of eternal salvation through His Son Jesus and Jesus will return (23)

1.      God’s promise is more than good enough

2.      2 Tim. 1:7-12 – Paul trusts God with his present life and eternal existence

                                                             ii.      So as a result of this hope let’s encourage each other to obedience (24)

                                                            iii.      We need to be fellowshipping with other Christians, and do it even more as the return of Christ approaches

1.      Be in church

IV)              Choose Christ or judgment (26-31)

a.      There is no sacrifice next year, it was done only once (26-27)

                                                               i.      After being saved if they consciously chose to sin by leaving Christ, then there is no sacrifice they can to turn to cover their sin (26)

1.      Apostasy-leaving the faith

2.      The author compares this apostasy to the sins of presumption for which there was no sacrifice (Num. 15:29-31)

                                                             ii.      If you are saved you will be punished for your sin (27)

1.      It is a terrifying expectation of judgment

2.      It will be like a fury of fire that consumes its enemies-this is not hell (1 Cor. 3:12-15)

b.      Sinning against Christ brings more severe judgment (28-29)

                                                               i.      Anyone who deliberately sinned under the Law died without question after being found guilty (28)

                                                             ii.      They wanted to leave Christ and go back to observing the Law – to go back to their old life

                                                            iii.      Anyone who renounces/leaves faith in Christ (29)

1.      Trampled under foot the Son of God

2.      Regarded as unclean the blood of the covenant by which he was sanctified

3.      Insulted the Holy Spirit

4.      “Recrucified Christ” –Heb. 6:6, done when apostasy is chosen, the fire is not hell, but judgment

c.      This willful sin leaves you in the hands of God (30-31)

                                                               i.      God says that He is the One who repays people for their sin (30)

1.      If you aren’t punished for your sin, then you aren’t saved (Heb. 12:7)

2.      Deut. 32:19-27, an example of God’s justice

                                                             ii.      For deliberate sins in the O.T. there was no sacrifice, so you have put yourself in God’s hands and He will choose what will happen to you

1.      This is terrifying – just like when you send your kids to their room while they wait for their punishment

2.      If the Israelites were stoned to death for willfully sinning under the Mosaic Law, it will be a worse punishment for someone who abandons Christ

V)                Don’t give up because Jesus is coming soon (32-39)

a.      You have already suffered for Jesus’ name if you are a Christian (32-34)

                                                               i.      When the first got saved they were persecuted (32)

1.      2 Tim. 3:12 – all who desire to live godly in Christ Jesus shall suffer persecution.

                                                             ii.      They were made a public spectacle (33)

1.      Through reproaches and tribulations

2.      Also by becoming sharers with those who were persecuted – they supported others who were persecuted

                                                            iii.      They did not back down (34)

1.      Showed sympathy to the prisoners

2.      Accepted joyfully the seizure of their property

3.      Because they know that they have a better and lasting home in heaven

a.       Matt. 6:19-20, 1 Pet. 1:4

b.      You must persevere and hold onto the promises of God (35-39)

                                                               i.      Don’t stop trusting Christ (35)

1.      Only in Him is there a great reward

2.      Faithfulness brings blessings

                                                             ii.      They/we need to persevere to the end (36)

1.      Endure – 2 Pet. 3:17-18, 1 Tim. 6:12-16

2.      Do the will of God – 1 Jn 5:1-6

3.      Receive the promise – 1 Pet. 5:9-10, James 1:12, 1 Thess. 5:9-10, 23-24

                                                            iii.      Jesus is coming soon (37)

1.      1 Thess. 4:16-18

2.      This is our hope

3.      The 2nd Coming wasn’t happening so they became discouraged

                                                           iv.      Be patient and live by faith (38)

1.      We need to cling to Christ no matter what

2.      A justified person should live by faith

3.      Apostasy will remove God’s favor

                                                             v.      The author is confident that those he is writing to are saved and will persevere

1.      The author is also determined to cling to Christ and finish the race

2.      Destruction-temporal ruin/harsh punishment

3.      Preserving of the soul – meant in the Hebraic sense, meaning life, or breath


         We will face many trials in our life because this is a word full of sinful humanity.  We are also told that if we live a life like God desires us to, we will be persecuted (2 Tim. 3:12).

         Our sacrifice which is Jesus Christ is more precious and better than animal sacrifices because He is the Messiah, the Son of God (God in the flesh) –Jn. 5:17-18

         As a result of this one time sacrifice of Jesus we should persevere and not ever let go of Jesus because His blood has cleansed our sins away completely, and we can approach God the Father without guilt.

         No matter what persecution or trials we face we need to cling to Jesus who has given us eternal life through His death, burial, and resurrection.

         Without Jesus there is no hope for eternal life, but only a future of eternal judgment and separation from God in Hell.

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