The Purpose of the Church #4

The Purpose of the Church

Message #5 – Ministry


#1 – Evangelism

#2 – Discipleship

#3 – Worship

#4 – Ministry

#5 – Fellowship/Biblical Community



         “There’s a story about baseball pitcher Dizzy Dean, whose career ended because his toe got hit by a line drive.  That injury ruined his trhoing motion because when he came off the rubber to pitch, he had to compensate by turning his foot the wrong way.  Consequently he began overextending his arm, which eventually ruined it for pitching.  The same is true spiritually in the church.  Where there are non-functioning members, there will be adverse effects somewhere else in the Body.  If the leadership staff does everything, something’s wrong with the church.  The pastoral staff is to equip the saints to do the work of the ministry (Eph 4:12).  The ministry of the church extends to all believers, with each of us using the gifts God has given us for the edification of the Body (Rom 12:6-8).  All the saints must be involved in ministering the gifts that God has given them.  Aggressive, active, ministering people make a successful church.”  John MacArthur

         “The first church in Acts ministered very naturally, as an overflow of what God had done for them.  The Holy Spirit had done some very remarkable things among the first Christians in Jerusalem, and thousands of people believed the powerful message preached by Peter on the day of Pentecost.  These Christians then ministered to one another, fellowshipping, breaking bread together, and dividing possessions to meet one another’s needs.  But in addition to all that, they reached out to those who had not yet heard.  They continued to visit the temple, presumably telling others about their experience, since “the Lord added to the church daily those who were being saved.”  Max Anders

         “If any group of Christians who claims to believe and practice all God has said in His Word will face up to their personal responsibility within the family of Christ, and to the real needs of Christians around them, their church will impress its community with the shining goodness of God’s love – to them AND among them.  Such a transformation probably would do more to attract others to Jesus Christ than any house-to-house canvass, evangelistic campaign, or new church facility.  People are hungry for acceptance, love and friends, and unless they find them in the church they may not stay there long enough to become personally related to Jesus Christ.”  Marion Jacobsen

         A fully committed follower of Jesus Christ is involved in ministry in some form.


I)                   Support the ministry financially (Gal 6:6-10)

         Gal 6:6 à Christians are the ones who financially support the ministry

         Gal 6:9-10 à let us not neglect this important and essential aspect of ministry

         1 Cor. 9:7-14 à the ministry is supported by the Christians

         1 Cor 16:2 à each week we should set aside money to help support the ministry

         2 Cor 9:6-8 à we should give bountifully and cheerfully


II)                 Support the ministry physically (Eph 4:12, 16)

         James 1:27 à ministry and obedience

         Gal 5:22-23 à if you are a Christian you should be displaying these things

         Matt 9:35-38 à Christians serving in ministry are always in need, we should pray for more

         1 Cor 15:58 à always be ministering for God


III)              Christians are to be ministering (1 John 4:16 – 5:1-3)

         Eph 2:10 à we were created in Christ for good works, God prepared them for us to do them

         Rom 8:29 à God predestined that we be conformed to the image of His Son

         2 Cor 5:17 à we are new creatures in Christ

         Eph 4:17-24 à our lives should be different

         Phil 2:13 à God is working in us, so that we will desire to and also do His will

         Col 1:10 à walk in a way pleasing to God, bearing fruit


The Purpose of the Church

Message #5 – Ministry


#1 – Evangelism

#2 – Discipleship

#3 – Worship

#4 – Ministry

#5 – Fellowship/Biblical Community


Conclusion: A fully committed follower of Jesus Christ should –

            1 – Support the ministry financially

            2 – Support the ministry physically

            3 – Christians are to be ministering


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