The Church – Ephesians 4

Ephesians 4:1-32 Intro:           -How does a person accomplish tasks such as brushing your teeth? The body parts work together cooperatively. What if one part of the body does its own thing, or says another part is unnecessary?           -You were formerly a sewage worker, and now you are a businessman in a brand new suit. What would happen if you decided to go back to your old way of life, wearing your new suit?           -How does Satan render the local Church useless? He gets them arguing, mad at each other, and unity is gone. The body parts only care about themselves, and nothing accomplished. I). The Church is one body (1-6)     A). Encourage unity/Be unified (1-3)          1). Walk worthy of your calling (1)               a). “worthy”- equal weight, one’s calling, not only salvation but also in the body; and conduct should be in balance          2). Conduct toward others (2)               a). Be humble               b). Be gentle/meek- not angry all the time nor one who is never angry               c). Be patient- self restraint          3). Preserve unity (3)               a). God has made unity                b). Even when there are differences try to keep peace      B). We serve one God (4-6)           1). One body- Church; One Spirit- Holy Spirit indwells believers; called to One Hope- salvation through Christ (4)2). One Lord- Jesus Christ; One Fatih- in Christ; One Baptism- water            Baptism (5)          3). One God and One Father               a). Over all- all believers               b). Through all- lives through believers               c). in all- manifests Himself in us II). The Church is Christ’s Body (7-16)      A). Christ is over all (7-10)           1). He gave each of us grace by giving gifts-gifted believers (7)           2). He ascended into heaven victoriously (8)a) Leading His captives(demons) and gave gifts to menb) Heb. 4:14; Col. 2:15; Eph. 6:12           3). He ascended alive, only after He died in the flesh (demons attempt to                deny this)           4).Christ descended in to the earth, and ascended to the right hand of                the Father, so He is over the Church       B). Christ gave gifts to the Church (11-13)           1). Apostles, Prophets, evangelists, pastors, teachers (11)                a). They are the gifts from God           2). For the equipping of the saints for service (12)                a). “to mend or prepare nets, restore for proper use”                b). all Christians are to serve           3). This happens to attain (13)a) unity in the churchb)spiritual maturityc) Christlikeness        C). We are to mature growing body    (14-16)             1). So we are no longer led astray (14)                  a). tossed about by waves, blown around by wind of doctrine- not                        easily swayed and confusion                  b). false teachers scheme and use trickery to lead believers astray              2). Maintain the truth in love (15)                  a). speech and actions                  b). growing up into Christ- He is the source of our growth, the Head             3). Each believer, using their spiritual gifts as part of the body obeys                   God (16)                  a). one body dependent on Christ working together                  b). this causes growth when carried out properly III). The Church is to live like Christ  (17-24)        A). Don’t live like the unsaved people (17-19)            1). Don’t live like you have no aim or goal (futility) (17)            2). They Reject God (18)                 a). because of their sinful rebellion                  b). they are blind and hard hearted            3). They are not sensitive to God or others (19)                 a). They are callous                 b). doing anything and everything to fulfill their sinful desires with no                       regard for others         B). Live as God’s Word says to live (20-24)            1). We were never taught as Christians to live that way (20)            2). We know what Jesus said and taught, He is truth (21)            3). Lay aside the old sinful lifestyle (22)            4). Be renewed in the Spirit of your mind (23)                a). “Be renovated by inward reformation” by the Holy Spirit- it                      Changes your focus and outlook. Continually seek to be                           conformed to Christ- obey God           5). We are new Creatures, created by God to be like God, righteous and                 Holy as God is (24) IV). A life that Pleases God (25-32)      A). Sin pleases Satan (25-28)           1). Stop lying, tell the truth (25)                Christians are connected in Christ (one body)           2). Be angry about sin, but do not sin (26)                in anger, do not let your anger be un-dealt with, deal with it                  immediately            3). Un-dealt with Anger gives Satan a foothold, to lead you to further sin                 (27) do not be controlled by anger- James 1:19-20           4). Don’t steal anymore, get a job and work hard, so you can share what                 you earn with those in need (28)      B). Sinful attitudes and actions grieve God (29-32)           1). Don’t speak rotten words, speak good words (29) that build                                      up/strengthen, according to their need at that moment           2). Our sin grieves the Holy Spirit (30)                a). we are sealed with the Holy Spirit, until we die or Christ returns                     (day of redemption- final sanctification)           3). Get rid of bitterness, wrath, anger (outbursts of anger), clamor                  (shouting)                 31), slander along with all malice (ill will, wickedness)                a). all result from unforgiveness, disunity, lack of love           4). Be kind, tenderhearted, forgiving each other (32)a)   just like God in Christ has forgiven us Conclusion:          I). The Church is one body (1-6)         II). The Church is Christ’s Body (7-16)        III). The Church is to live like Christ (17-24)         IV). A life that pleases God (17-24)             We are the Body of Christ and He has brought unity through His death, burial, and resurrection. We are one body, work together for God’s glory.     We are to live like followers of Christ as a result of the new spiritual life we received from trusting Him as our Savior     We are to love other Christians and forgive each other. We are to love others as Jesus loves them. Revenge is not in the Christians vocabulary, forgiveness is. God forgave you, forgive others.     Don’t grieve the Holy Spirit within you. Live a life of obedience to God, live like the Lord Jesus Christ lived.

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