God’s blessings – Ephesians 1

God’s blessings

Ephesians 1:1-23


         Paul wrote this letter in about AD 60, while imprisoned in Rome.  He had not been to Ephesus in awhile.  Many Gentiles had joined the church since Paul’s last visit. 

         Paul warned the Ephesian elders during their last meeting that they needed to guard against false teachers from outside the church and within the church (Acts 20:29-30).  Later it is seen in Revelation 2:1-6, that the Ephesians had so far protected themselves from false teaching, but they had left their first love (showing love to each other, and/or Christ, which is interchangeable). 

         Have we guarded ourselves so carefully, and protected ourselves from false teaching that we have neglected our personal relationships with other Christians, and more importantly have we neglected our relationship with the Lord?  Has our love grown cold, has our fire to serve the Lord gone out?  I don’t mean that you aren’t serving, but is there passion?

I)                   God’s blessing of salvation (1-14)

a.      God the Father chose us (1-6)

                                                               i.      To the saints (1-2)

1.      An apostle by the will of God (1a)

2.      Faithful in Christ Jesus (1b) – are you faithful?

3.      This verse includes two persons of the Divine Godhead (2)

                                                             ii.      Bless God for our blessings (3-6)

1.      We are blessed in Christ (3)

a.       1 Pet 1:3-5

2.      We are holy and blameless in Christ (4)

a.       1 Jn 4:17

3.      We are adopted as sons through Christ (5)

a.       Heb. 2:11

4.      We received grace in Christ (6)

b.      Christ earned us an inheritance (7-12)

                                                               i.      Forgiveness of our sins (7) – transgressions –lit. “false steps”

1.      Purchased/redeemed by His blood – 1 Pet 1:19

                                                             ii.      God the Father poured out His grace in Christ (8)

1.      1 Pet 3:18

                                                            iii.      The Father let us know what will happen in Christ (9)

1.      Dan. 7:13-14

                                                           iv.      Christ will rule over all (10)

1.      Dan. 2:35

2.      1 Cor. 15:23-28

                                                             v.      We have obtained an inheritance, because the Father chose us (11)

1.      Lit. “cast a lot” – God consciously chose us

2.      Titus 2:10-15

                                                           vi.      We bring God praise (12)

c.      The Holy Spirit seals us (13-14)

                                                               i.      As soon as we believed/were saved (13)

1.      Acts 1:5

                                                             ii.      He is our pledge from the Father (14)

1.      1 Jn 2:20

2.      “Redemption” – God will cause final sanctification at our death, or Christ’s return, freedom from the presence of sin

II)                 God’s blessing of spiritual growth (15-23)

a.      Pray for growth (15-19)

                                                               i.      Your testimony should glorify God (15)

1.      1 Pet. 3:16

                                                             ii.      Pray for others (16)

1.      2 Pet. 3:17-18

                                                            iii.      Ask God for wisdom and spiritual growth (17)

1.      James 1:5

2.      Intimate knowledge of God, not abstract knowledge

                                                           iv.      God will grow your understanding of Him (18)

1.      Rom. 8:22

2.      Our gift of salvation is great

3.      We are precious to God

                                                             v.      We will understand more about how great God is (19)

1.      Rom. 8:37

2.      Power – “dynamis”, where we get dynamite from

3.      Working – “energion”, energetic power

4.      Might – “kratous”, power that overcomes resistance

b.      The power of God is working inside of us (20-23)

                                                               i.      He showed His power by raising Christ (20)

1.      Acts 2:24

2.      1 Cor. 6:14

                                                             ii.      Christ will rule over all (21)

1.      Rev. 22:12-13

                                                            iii.      Christ will visibly be head over all things, but presently over the Church (22)

1.      Jude 24-25

                                                           iv.      The Church represents the sovereign Lord of the universe (23)

1.      1 Pet. 2:12


         We see in Ephesians 1, that God the Father chose us, God the Son paid for us, and God the Holy Spirit sealed us.  The whole Trinity was involved in salvation.

         God is a great God.  He is all-powerful, He is gracious, and He is merciful.  You see it in these events.  Praise Him.  Titus 3:4-8, 14 – emphasize v 8, 14

         God grows us spiritually.  He makes us more like Christ.  Are you trying to overcome sin with “positive thinking”?  1 Cor. 6:20, Rom. 6:12-13

         Praise God for your salvation, praise God for His mighty working to grow you spiritually.  Live a righteous life as a result, in His strength.  1 Thess. 5:21-24

God’s blessings: Ephesians 1

I)                   God’s blessing of ___________ (1-14)

a.      God the Father ________ us (1-6)

b.      Christ earned us an __________ (7-12)

c.      The Holy Spirit _________ us (13-14)

II)                 God’s blessing of ________ ________ (15-23)

a.      Pray for _________ (15-19)

b.      The power of God is __________ inside of us (20-23)

As a result of these things we should;

         Praise God for ________

         Praise God for ________ us spiritually

         Live a __________ life

         1 Thess. 5:21-24

What is one thing that you are going to do today,

As a result of what you have seen today in God’s



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