“God, I want to see Your holiness!” Are we sure about that?

I have thought about this lyric ever since my Bible College days.  During our “worship” time in chapel we would sing a chorus that contained these words.  I immediately thought of God’s holiness.  What does that entail exactly?  I’m not quite sure if the artist who penned these words thought about the answer to the question (also quite possible that he/she did consider it). 

As I recall Isaiah’s experience in the presence of God in Isaiah 6 it does not sound like the same kind of situation as mentioned in the song writer’s lyric.  Isaiah did not know what to do when he saw God.  He said he was “ruined” and that he was a man of “unclean lips.”  This does not sound like an ecstatic happy experience.  Isaiah thought he was going to die because he had seen a holy God.  He recognized that he was a sinful man in the presence of holiness. 

There is nothing wrong with truly desiring fellowship/communion with God (it is recommended) and I am sure that Isaiah had that same desire.  But, I do not think we have thought through the implications of seeing God’s holiness.  We think something foolish like “wow, that would be fun to see God’s holiness.”  This thought process reveals a great deal.  The holiness of God is convicting and overwhelming, not fun


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