Christ is a greater High Priest than Aaron and His salvation is greater – Hebrews #3

Christ is a greater High Priest than Aaron and His salvation is greater

Hebrews 5:1-14; 6:1-20


         Last message I spoke about how Hebrews warns us not to be hardened by sin and fall away (renounce) Jesus, so that as a result we won’t enter God’s rest.  

         Aaron and the Old Testament high priests were the only ones that were able to enter into the Holy of Holies and that was once a year to offer sacrifice on the Day of Atonement.  (Today that is called Yom Kippur- and the Jews fast).

         The high priests were all descendants of Aaron and they all had to meet specific requirements.

         They are all dead now, so who is interceding with God now, and how will we be able to enter God’s presence in Heaven?

I)                   Our High Priest forever (5:1-10)

a.      Earthly high priests were sinners (1-4)

                                                               i.      They were to minister on behalf of others (1)            First qualification

1.      Offer gifts and sacrifices

                                                             ii.      They were to have compassion (2)            Second qualification

1.      Metriopatheo” – a controlled compassion, caring without undue harshness or weepy sentiment

                                                            iii.      They were to sacrifice for themselves (3)

1.      Because they were sinners

                                                           iv.      They were appointed by God (4) Ex. 28:1            Third qualification

b.      Jesus was called by God the Father (5-6)

                                                               i.      He is called Son (5)            Third qualification

                                                             ii.      He is called a priest forever after the order of Melchizedek (6)

1.      A priest – those who tried to make themselves priests ended their lives badly

a.       Korah – Numbers 16:1-35

b.      Saul – 1 Sam. 13:9-11

c.       Uzziah – 2 Chron. 26:16-23

2.      A king – Psalm 110:4

c.      Jesus the source of eternal salvation (7-10)

                                                               i.      He is compassionate (7)            Second qualification

1.      Gethsemane (Mk 14:34) and the cross (Ps. 22)

a.       He took God’s wrath upon Himself and was separated from the Father

2.      He was heard – God the Father reminded Him of the resurrection (Ps. 22)

                                                             ii.      He learned obedience (8)

1.      He matured and learned to obey God through His suffering, like the Hebrew Christians will

                                                            iii.      He became the source of eternal salvation (9) 3rd qualification

1.      He overcame the temptation and the cross

2.      No Old Testament priest was ever perfect

                                                           iv.      He was designated a High Priest by the Father (10)

II)                 You should be growing spiritually in Jesus (5:11-14; 6:1-8)

a.      An infant can only handle milk (11-14)

                                                               i.      There is a lot to tell about Melchizedek (11)

1.      But they can’t understand it

                                                             ii.      They are immature (12)

1.      They aren’t teachers, but need to be taught

                                                            iii.      They don’t know the Word well (13)

1.      They are unskillful – inexperienced or unacquainted

                                                           iv.      Solid food is for the mature (14)

1.      By application of God’s Word to their lives

2.      Exercised (gegymnasmena) – as an athlete exercises or trains his body

3.      To know right from wrong

b.      Learn the whole Word of God (1-3)

                                                               i.      Being moved on to maturity (1)

1.      pherometha” (passive) – surrender to God and He will move you

                                                             ii.      Resurrection and eternal judgment (2)

1.      Mere study of end times doesn’t show spiritual maturity

                                                            iii.      If God permits (3)

1.      Only God can change hearts

c.      If you were to fall away from Christ (4-8)

                                                               i.      Once enlightened, tasted the heavenly gift, partakers of the Holy Spirit (4)

1.      God has done all these things

2.      Once for all

                                                             ii.      Tasted the good Word of God and the powers of the age to come (5)

1.      God has done all these things

2.      Fully Experienced

                                                            iii.      Falling away after experiencing these things (6)

1.      It is impossible to repent

2.      They have abandon the Son-worst sin possible

3.      Put Him to open shame – they continuously crucify Christ (present tense=continuous action)

4.      If one could fall away they re-crucify Christ (both are impossible, if you are saved)

                                                           iv.      Word of God (7-8)

1.      Vegetation/fruit – you are saved

2.      Thorns and thistles – you are unsaved

III)              Our hope is sure in Jesus (6:9-20)

a.      Be diligent (9-12)

                                                               i.      The author was just giving a warning of how horrible it would be to renounce Christ (9)

1.      Accompanying salvation – literally is “things having salvation”

                                                             ii.      God knows their obedience (10)

                                                            iii.      Finish the race – obey until the end (11-12)

1.      Realize the full assurance (11)

2.      Imitate those who have finished the race (12)

b.      God is the One who promised (13-18)

                                                               i.      Abraham obtained the promise (13-15)

1.      Of having Isaac

                                                             ii.      Men make oaths swearing by one greater than themselves (16)

1.      To settle situations

2.      A legal guarantee

                                                            iii.      God’s Word will come true (17-18)

1.      God made His promises with an oath (He swears by Himself) (17)

a.       If His Word wasn’t enough, He bases His promise on His own character

2.      God can’t lie (18)

a.       So we have hope

c.      Jesus entered the Heavenly Tabernacle (19-20)

                                                               i.      An anchor sure and steadfast (19)

1.      In Jesus

a.       He is our hope within the veil

                                                             ii.      As a forerunner for us (20)

1.      Jesus is in the Holy of Holies

2.      OT high priests could represent and intercede for the people, but they could not bring the people in

3.      Jesus has opened the way for us, so we might enter into Heaven with Him


         Jesus intercedes forever for us because He will never die like the OT priests.

         Jesus can sympathize with us because He has been tempted in all ways like us, but never sinned and will never sin.

         Our salvation is based on Christ, and His death, burial, and resurrection.  He will never let us go.  But if we are truly saved, we will be growing and maturing spiritually.

         God has promised us eternal life through Jesus, and Jesus alone.  God is not able to lie, and His Word will come to pass. 

         Jesus is our hope and He has prepared a way to Heaven through Himself, and He is returning for us. 


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