A comparision of the Old and New Covenant – Hebrews #5

Hebrews 9:1-28

A comparison of the Old and New Covenant


I)                   The priesthood of Melchizedek

II)                A new priest needed

III)              The priesthood of Jesus

IV)             A new covenant needed

         Sacrifices were offered only for unintentional sin or sins of ignorance. Lev. 5:17

         The Mosaic Law was inaugurated (put into use) through blood sacrifice. Ex. 24:4-8

         The Day of Atonement (today called Yom Kippur) is held once a year and this is to resolve the sins of the people that might have been missed by the other sacrifices. Lev. 16:1-34

I)                   Day of Atonement (9:1-10)

a.      Layout of the tabernacle (1-5)

                                                               i.      Regulations for divine worship (1)-God wants things done in order

                                                             ii.      The sanctuary (2)-outer room (Grk. “hagia”)

1.      Lamp stand-held seven lamps which were trimmed daily

2.      Table of showbread – contained 12 loaves of bread replaced each Sabbath

                                                            iii.      Holy of Holies (3-5) (Grk. “hagia hagion”)

1.      Golden altar of incense (4a)-priest carried this so the cloud of smoke would prevent him from seeing God

2.      Ark of the covenant (4b)-it held manna, Aaron’s rod that budded, and the ten commandments

b.      Duty of the high priest (6-7)

                                                               i.      Priests continually doing things in the outer sanctuary (6)

1.      At morning and evening lamps were trimmed and coals with incense were placed upon the altar

2.      The high priest once a year goes in the holy of holies (7)

a.       He sprinkled blood for his sins first, then for the sins committed in ignorance by the people

b.      No sacrifice was ever made for sins of defiance or deliberate rebellion against God

c.      Long term ineffectiveness of the O.T. sacrifices (8-10)

                                                               i.      You have to leave the O.C. to accept the N.C. (8)

1.      Jesus wants all or nothing

                                                             ii.      The O.C. sacrifices can only cleanse temporarily outwardly (9)

1.      They made you ceremonially pure

                                                            iii.      The O.C. sacrifices will end (10)

1.      Jesus fulfilled the Law – Matt. 5:17

II)                 The superiority of Christ as high priest (9:11-14)

a.      He entered heaven (11)

                                                               i.      Jesus didn’t go into the earthly tabernacle, He brought His offering for sin into heaven

b.      He offered His own sinlessly perfect blood (12)

                                                               i.      He didn’t bring animal blood that only worked temporarily (12a)

                                                             ii.      He went into heaven and offered His sacrifice once for all time, obtaining eternal redemption for sinful mankind (12b)

c.      His blood saves forever, not just covers temporarily (13-14)

                                                               i.      Animal sacrifices worked (13)

1.      But they were temporary

2.      They were only physically cleansed (ceremonially pure)

                                                             ii.      Christ’s blood works (14)

1.      For all time

2.      Spiritually cleansed from sin to serve God

III)              Death has to occur to receive the blessing of a covenant (9:15-17)

a.      Eternal life was promised (15)

                                                               i.      Old Testament sacrifices couldn’t take away sin, the temporarily covered sin.  Christ’s blood paid for all these sins that had been temporarily covered.

                                                             ii.      Jesus did this so that these who had been called (elected) may receive that promise of the eternal inheritance, which is eternal life.

b.      He had to die for us to receive the promise (16-17)

                                                               i.      Jesus (“left in a will”) promised eternal life, so He had to die so we could receive it (16)

1.      “The O.T. sacrifices might be compared to the writing of a check.  The paper upon which it is written is practically worthless.  Yet, it is used and accepted in place of money, since it is backed by what has been deposited in the bank.  Christ’s death was deposited from the foundation of the world as that which backed the O.T. sacrifices.  With Christ’s death upon the cross the deposit was released and all the past checks were honored and paid.” Woodrow Kroll

2.      Jesus’ check (His blood) will never bounce.

                                                             ii.      Eternal life would not be available if Jesus hadn’t died (17)

IV)              An unblemished (sinless) sacrifice needed to cleanse sin (18-28)

a.      Animal blood offered repeatedly to cleanse the earthly tabernacle (18-22)

                                                               i.      Blood was used to start the O.C. (18)

                                                             ii.      Moses used the blood of goats and calves (19-21)

1.      To cover the book, the people, the tabernacle, and all of the vessels of the ministry

                                                            iii.      Almost all sin was covered with blood (22)

1.      The exception – the poor (Lev. 5:11)

a.       They were allowed to use grain

b.      Jesus’ blood costs us nothing today

b.      Christ’s blood offered once to cleanse the heavens (23-28)

                                                               i.      Animal blood was okay for the earthly tabernacle, but Jesus’ blood was needed to enter heaven (23)

                                                             ii.      Christ didn’t do this on earth in the copy (earthly tabernacle) but in the real one (heavenly tabernacle) to appear before God the Father for us (24)

1.      To present His sacrifice

                                                            iii.      Jesus did it once (25)

                                                           iv.      At the appointed time God the Son came in the flesh to defeat sin by His blood (26)

                                                             v.      His return is certain and imminent (27-28)

1.      As sure as death and judgment are, Jesus’ death once for all and His return for His people is certain


I)                   Day of Atonement

II)                Superiority of Christ as high priest

III)              Jesus’ death had to occur for us to receive the promise of eternal life

IV)             An unblemished (sinless) sacrifice needed to cleanse sin

         Priests could only offer temporary comfort and covering for sins through animal blood that lasted one year.

         Jesus came to earth sinless, lived a sinless life and died on the cross shedding His perfect blood.  He rose again and ascended to heaven to present His blood before God the Father to purchase eternal salvation for you and me.

         God the Father takes the death of His Son very seriously.  If you profess to be a Christian here tonight are you treating Jesus’ blood like it is worth nothing?  If you are living in habitual sin, then you are treating His blood like it is nothing.

         If you have never trusted Christ as your personal Savior, won’t you tonight?  God the Son has bought your salvation.  Accept it, it is free.  He paid it all.


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