Their heart is far from Me

I was reading in Mark 7:1-23.  Jesus said some pretty pointed things to the Pharisees in His midst, and to us that sit down the Word of God.  He confronts their traditions/preferences which were being disregarded by this rag tag bunch of Christ followers (who were very hungry apparently).  Jesus calls them hypocrites, ouch!  Then He goes on to say that they are not worshiping God through their lives.  They in fact are far from God and following men instead of God.  In fact He says that they disobey God through their traditions/preferences (not good)!  He goes on to lay out a description about what causes a person to be unclean/disobedient (heart issues, not food).  Jesus has now kicked off a completely new regulation for God followers (all food is clean). 

I don’t want to go into all the implications of new dispensation which is coming.  What I do want to highlight is that Jesus says many times we have these traditions/preferences (even programs) that we really, really like and there are times that because of these things we forget about people and God.  In fact we step on people and dishonor God through them.  Basically, what we are doing is more about our comfort than about obedience to God. 

Jesus says here that worship is obedience.


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