In thinking about worship I believe that there have been a lot of things that have had the “worship” label stamped on them, that in reality are nothing more than self-fulfilling ritual.  Worship is much deeper than what many portray.  In a traditional church service there is a piano, an organ, and a worship leader.  This is a bit deceiving.  Does worship happen during that time slot alone?  A sensible person would say, no.  In a contemporary church service there is usually a praise band/worship team.  Again the same question applies, does worship happen during that time slot alone?  The same answer applies.  So why in the attempt at promoting worship of Almighty God, do we just attempt to “plug” our preferences?  Probably because the worship time is more about us than God.  This is not good (which is an understatement). 

Worship is gratitude, praise, obedience, repentance, submission, sacrifice, etc… Worship is how one lives their everyday life.  What a deceptive idea that you can show up on Sunday morning and be a worshiper, when you weren’t a worshiper at any other time during the week!  The Israelites being in close proximity to the presence of God worshiped a golden calf, we on the other hand don’t need to manufacture any object of worship for ourselves.  We need to look no further than the mirror to see our prime object of worship.  This is the reason for our superficial Christianity.  It has become all about us, and very little about God.

This is most likely the reason for everyone desiring “happy” songs during worship.  Since we don’t desire a life of taking up our cross, why would we want to be involved in a life of sacrifice that would necessitate the singing of songs of mourning?  We wouldn’t want that, so we don’t sing them.  We desire to remain on the sidelines, instead of being genuine Christ followers.  Until this changes, our worship will remain “man-centered.”  It is hard to tell what will happen first: God-centered worship, which will bring about genuine Christ followers; or, becoming genuine Christ followers, which will bring about God-centered worship.  If I were to offer a guess, I would say it starts with a view of God as He truly is, which means God-centered worship.  What do you think? 


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