Learning a little from the reluctant revivalist

Paul the apostle to whom it may concern,

Greetings everyone!  I was reading my Bible today and I decided to explore the episode of Jonah’s life that he would have rather forgot.  I was oddly taken by the similiarity of Jonah’s refusal to fulfill God’s mission to Nineveh, with the refusal of Christ followers to take the gospel to their neighbors.  Jonah was thinking from his own perspective about the rather dangerous idea of the Ninevites (capital city of Assyria) turning from their sin and being spared from judgment.  If the Ninevites were spared, they might change their mind later and destroy Israel (Jonah’s people).  Jonah decided that it would be better to let the “enemy” be eliminated now.  No, Jonah would not warn the non-believers of the judgment to come.

It seems strikingly similiar to us.  Brothers and sisters, what is it that is preventing us from taking the gospel to our neighbors?  It is the same problem that Jonah had.  We have not learned from his mistake.  We have refused to fulfill God’s mission for us.  He is calling out a people for Himself, He is building building His Church.  Yet, He has chosen to use us a part of the process.

What will be our consequence for refusing the call of God in our lives?


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