God or me?

Is it really true that the Christian life is the most desirable life that can be lived or experienced here on earth?  That is an interesting thing to think about.  If you are seeking to know God more in your life will you experience a life consisting of peace and prosperity alone?  Maybe the only peace you will experience is peace with God.  It is possible that the only prosperity you will experience will occur in the afterlife.  This does not sound like a desirable life, does it?  Most certainly not desirable from a purely human standpoint.          So what do you do?  Do you avoid a relationship with God through Jesus Christ?  This obviously is not a wise decision in light of the eternal separation from the only source of true good in this life.  Is the choice to avoid a growing relationship with God through Jesus Christ?  This seems to be the default choice of most evangelical Christians located within the bounds of the U.S.  If the path of least resistance is the one that excludes conformity to the image of Jesus Christ, that is the one that we will take.  Regardless of what the Word of God says, we have chosen to believe that being a child of God is all about us.  Is that what the gospel says, or is that really just what the republicans and democrats say?  More than likely the answer is, the latter.  How sad that we have sold ourselves to the Egyptians!  We read our O.T. and see the sad state of affairs that led to godly Joseph being sold as a slave to foreigners by his own flesh and blood.  Then we close our Daily Bread and return to our own American form of counter-Christianity.          We have not formed our own golden calf for worship, we have decided to worship the many formed god of self.  We see our object of worship every morning when we wake up and look in the mirror.  We listen to the advertisers of the world telling us that we need this and that, we deserve this and that, and we will be better people when we have this and that.  I wonder how we can relate to gospel accounts where we observe a Savior who didn’t have a place to lay His head?  How do we understand that our daily bread is still contingent on Him?          Since we do not seem to need God for our deepest personal needs, what about our deepest corporate needs?  Is church really about God anymore?  Or is it really about, me?  My music, my translation, my time, my experience, my comfort, my preferences, my vision?  Just like the Israelites traded God for a golden statue of a cow (how majestic), we too have traded God.  Some die hard Boston Red Sox fans still discuss the absolutely foolish trade that the team made many years ago.  The Red Sox traded Babe Ruth for money and not that much of it.  The fans know that this was utter foolishness to do such a thing.  I wonder in my mind, if the trade that Christians have made makes the Red Sox trade look like it wasn’t that big of a deal.  We have traded God, for me!  This is utter foolishness on our part.        Have you believed the lie that life here on earth is for us?  Really, when you think about it, that doesn’t even make sense.  Why would God Almighty make us for the purpose of us living for us?  That definitely does not describe the motivations of the God of the Bible.  So it must be some other source that we obtain this idea that life is about us.  We do not need to look very far.  The unregenerate world around us is the source of this faulty information.  The world around us that has up until now rejected God’s revelation has no need for God-centered living.  In fact that kind of living works counter to their desires.  So why have Christians bought in to this me-centered living?  It is because we wanted to.  We want to think about us, we want to look out for us, and we want to please us.  The sooner we realize this fact, the better off we will be spiritually.          How do Christians change?  There must be a desire to change first.  We must realize that this anemic, deficient form of Christianity is just that, anemic and deficient.  We must become dissatisfied with our relationship with God.  Christlikeness does not seem to appear anywhere on our “Five Year Plan”.  So what does that mean?  Our “Five Year Plan” is worthless!  This does not appear to be a recent development in the history of the body of Christ.  God addressed this issue in the book of Revelation.  He warned the church at Ephesus to “remember from where you have fallen, and repent and do the deeds you did at first; or else I am coming to you and will remove your lampstand out of its place – unless you repent” (2:5).  This sounds serious.  Serious enough for Jesus to remove His presence from the church.  So the believers in Ephesus were to remember from where they had fallen.  So there was a time when they were living for God as a body of believers.  It seems for us today as the body of Christ here in the U.S. we must look at the Church in its purest form to see from where we have fallen.  Upon surveying the book of Acts we discover that we have fallen a great distance from where we are supposed to be. [RESUME]          So where do we go from here?  Well for some that will read this, they will get bothered and ignore the preceding statements.  For others, they will read this and not care.  For the remaining small number of people, they will read this and feel great sorrow.  This is the kind of sorrow that the Bible talks about in Second Corinthians chapter four verse 10.  They will ask God to forgive them for their selfishness and ask Him to help them live for Him alone.  Which group do you fit into?              


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