Christian Microenterprise Development

The main focus of this book was to provide a handbook for: why to become involved in microenterprise development, and how to become involved in microenterprise development.  The book was very detailed in the risks and the rewards of such a venture.  It even discussed the Christian responsibility of becoming involved in such a ministry.  It was obvious that the author has done a great deal of research on this issue.            One of the strengths of this book is the detail with which it is written.  The author gives very detailed instruction in how to start or join microenterprise development.  Another strength is the information that the author gave to show the foundation for why such a venture should be started or pursued.  The reality that many people are stuck in a cycle of poverty is something that the author introduced in this book.  The principles that the author gave in how to avoid failure, and how to invest wisely were all very useful.            One of the weaknesses of the book is the technical language that is used to discuss this kind of venture.  This is something that I am certain that the author cannot really avoid though.  This is not just a ministry, but it is a business venture.  This out of necessity requires technical business and financial language.  If someone is not a business person, but basically just a person with a burden for those in poverty, they might have a difficult time with such an article.  That would also substantiate the author’s warnings, to partner with established groups if you don’t have the knowledge necessary to be involved in M.E.D. by yourself.             There were a few new ideas that I learned from this book.  This book helped to enforce in my mind the reality of poverty that is happening around this world.  The book provides the helpful information needed to bring solutions to this widespread problem.  The amount of planning involved in a ministry like this is really a bit overwhelming for someone like me.  I do not enjoy administration-type responsibilities, so I would definitely need to partner with others who are more “business-savvy.”              A way that I will implement this information into my ministry is to help to communicate more accurately to people that I encounter the needs that exist in this world.  Now I know of a more adequate solution to the problem.  The potential for ministry is astounding.


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