Go Fish – a Jonah story

I read through the book of Jonah again to prepare for a series of talks on the book.  There are some very intriguing things that I noticed in the first chapter, besides the big fish.  The following list is a notation of those things:

– God notices sin and doesn’t like it

– When God tells you to do something, you can either obey or disobey

– Disobedience to God’s commands brings serious consequences

– Things don’t happen by accident, there is always a reason – but don’t be superstitious – this is true because God is in control

– When you are a child of God and you disobey, God disciplines you

– It is confusing to non-believers when believers disobey God

– People should be very cautious what they do to God’s servant

– No matter what the situation is God will use it to bring reverence to His name


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