The Problem of Prayer

There has been a book written “The Problem of Pain”, but it seems there should be a book written entitled “The Problem of Prayer.”  This would be a helpful work for anyone who claims to be a Christ follower.  Prayer is a problem.  Real genuine communication with God is extremely difficult!  It takes a lot of time, and that seems to be in scarcity in my 21st century American lifestyle.  It takes a significant amount of time to really establish meaningful communication with God (by “establish” I mean having a real talk with God, not just throwing up whims to the ceiling).  Something that complicates the whole issue is that sometimes God does not respond.  This is a problem!  It is a serious issue because communication should be two way interaction. 

But, this is not the only issue facing prayer.  It takes humility.  For a person to deliberately seek the mind of God and the enablement of God in life is something that is acquired over time by those who desire it.  One does not stumble on to humility by accident (though the phraseology of the statement would seem to indicate that).  We are so used to putting our nose to the grindstone and working things out (or call a lawyer to do so for us – a bit of American humor).  For a person to include God in the equation does not seem like a necessary thing.  This means that most times we are solving things ourselves and sometimes it works.  Maybe it seems to work because we are so accustomed to settling for “good” instead of the “best”.  Prayer is to surrender control of the world.  This is a major problem for us. 

God help us to pray!     


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