The problem of desertion

Greetings my brothers!  Grace to you and peace from God the Father and the Lord Jesus Christ!

God has been so good to us by setting us free from the empty way of life that we formerly lived through the death and resurrection of Jesus.  He has given us new spiritual life and a new identity in Christ, children of the living God. 

There are a few things that we must discuss though.  As I wrote many years ago to the Galatians, I was concerned that they had left the true gospel of grace and adopted a “gospel” of rules.  This was a problem and some deserted the faith as a result of this lie.  There was a similiar problem with the Ephesians.  They had left their first love.  They deserted a devotion and passion for God, exchanging it for a devotion to empty ritual.  This caused many to forget that a living, growing relationship with the Father through Jesus Christ is the key to the life of a Christ follower.

Today, as I write to you I recognize that there is a spirit of the Corinthians among you.  There is rampant selfishness.  People in your midst claim to be servants of Christ, but instead are servants of self!  This is to your own shame.  To think that God has bought you with a price, and yet you believe that you are your own!  This ought not to be so.  You must turn from your sin of selfishness and ask God to help you to view things His way.  There is also an issue with materialism that has arisen in your midst.  This evil must be expelled from among you!  God has not called us to pile up possessions on earth, but treasure in heaven.  Ask God to free you from the chains of this sin!

God has given us victory through Christ our Lord!  Draw near to Him and He will draw near to you.  Make a difference through your life for God.  Give Him all the praise, honor, and glory!  Amen.




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