It is interesting to think that Jesus told us that if we seek His Kingdom and His righteousness that He would provide us food, drink, and clothing.  Yet, this becomes a great stress to us.  We do not know how to keep more money in our savings and checking accounts.  It just seems to evaporate as soon as it is deposited.  I guess that would indicate that you don’t necessarily need a large checking and savings account to have food, drink, and clothing. 

Automobiles seem to be a great source of frustration for me.  They provide a measure of convenience, but the maintenance and repair are a huge cost.  I often wonder if I would enjoy being in Paul’s time more than now (for the lack of automobile fees).  If money is not supposed to be our master, why does it invoke such fear in our lives?  When God seems absent that is not as terrifying as an empty savings and checking account. 

Maybe these moments are meant to create real dependence on God.  The stretching of faith.


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