the study of God

Have you ever thought of the importance of Theology?  Most Christ followers today believe that it is a useless pursuit, the study of God.  That would probably be a major source of the misunderstanding of who God is.  Instead of seeking to understand God from the Scriptures, we have attempted to understand God as we are.  This god is small, petty, materialistic, and individualistic.  This has brought a great deal of emptiness into our lives, and has been labeled 21st century Christianity.  This has also led to Christ followers not wanting to be called “Christians”, “Evangelicals”, or “Fundamentalists”.  Some of this is based on the absolutely horrid example that some people have left that claimed the previous descriptions.

Maybe if people who claimed to be Christ followers had an accurate understanding of who God is, then we would be able to have an accurate idea of how to live with/for the God of the Bible.  This is not an easy process though.  It takes time to dig into the Word of God and wrestle with who God is.  But, it is a necessary struggle.  Without it there is not accurate understanding of God, and the result is an inaccurate formulation of how to live with/for this God of the Bible.

Theology is necessary, biblical theology that is.  The reputation of God in the eyes of non-Christ followers depends on it.  Their perception of God is determined by Christ followers.   


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