Rest or ragged edge?

I was spending time in the Word of God this morning and something really stuck out to me.  In Mark 6, Jesus sent out the 12 apostles, 2 by 2.  They were given supernatural abilities, casting out demons and healing people, and preaching.  After they return they most likely could not wait to share with Jesus the extraordinary things that they had been involved in during that time.  After they were done sharing with Jesus, He did something that is quite peculiar.  Jesus had them go away by themselves to a secluded place and rest a while.  This is in the text, obviously for a purpose.  The 12 were in need of rest and refreshment.

These 12 men were involved in serious spiritual activity and though they were supernaturally enabled by God to do this activity, it seems that they were drained physically (possibly emotionally).  This situation and the included principles would only apply to Christ followers who are seriously committed to serving God through their life (not marginal fans of Jesus). 

Do we take time to rest and receive refreshment from God?  In my own life it seems that I do seek time to rest and be refreshed, but most times I do not seek it from God.  I usually seek these two important things from other things, like people, places, things. It seems that refreshment comes not from the Creator, but stuff. Any thoughts?


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