Deutoronomy 6:13 – God’s people are to fear/reverence only Him, they are only to worship Him.

God desires undivided adoration, service, and praise. God is not supposed to be one master among many, He is to be the only one. This takes focus in the life of a believer. A believer’s mind and heart must be consumed by God. The viewfinder of a believer’s soul must be filled with God and God alone.

The idea of God having to compete for our worship is an insult to who He is. He is the Creator, the Master, the King of all.

Thoughts of God as He truly is will result in adoration, worship, and praise. The thought of God as Creator, Redeemer, Sustainer, Provider, as Lord are overwhelming.

> What would it look like for a Christ follower today to adore, praise, and worship God only?
> Is God the One whose guidance you seek when it comes to decisions you must make? If it is youor the opinions of other people that motivate how you live, is God the one that you are worshiping?
> What are some things that God has done for you that you could praise Him for? Take some time and thank God for those things.


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