God or Country?

What has happened to the body of Christ in the US? That is a good question but the answer is not an easy one. One thing that has greatly affected the believers here is that we have forgotten where our true loyalty lies. Here are some corrections of our mistakes:

* God is not the God of Americans only. He doesn’t love American Christians more or less than believers elsewhere.
* American Christians should be more loyal to the global body of believers than to America. We should love, pray for, and care for believers all around the world. Sometimes it’s as though if they aren’t American they are the enemy. This is tragic!
* Americans and/or American Christians don’t know everything and aren’t right about everything. There are most certainly things we can learn from believers around the world. We must confess our pride to God and turn from it.
* American Christians aren’t better or more godly than other believers around the world.

Does the thought of a believer in China dying for their faith stir your heart even a fraction of the amount of a gang shooting in a local neighborhood?

When we read passages in the OT that warn the nation of Israel about judgment that will come on them unless they as the people of God turn back to Him. These are lessons for Christians to learn that if he/she, believers, turn from God, eventually God’s patience will run out. These are not lessons/warnings for the US as a nation! The US is not the people of God, the Church is! The Church is worldwide!

We must have more loyalty to God and His people than to the US as a nation. We must submit to the authority placed above us, unless it causes us to disobey God. We must love and pray for those around us because they need Christ.


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